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https://plus.google.com/+JenniferPrissygurl 💋18 and OVER 💋 I am a gay sissygurl who has discovered the pleasurable of humiliation, cuckolding, sucking cock, receiving anal and masturbation until I'm sore.

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2016-01-05 00:19:54

    Now that it's winter, I have to plan for next summer. I've been on hormones (Estrogen progesterone, etc.) for a while now, but the dilemma is that I'm still partially in the closet about my sexuality. I'm not so sure if I can pull off the "part time girl" thing once beach weather comes round next year. Other than never going to the beach and wearing an overcoat in July, do you gurls have any thoughts on a plan of attack? Jen Jen. 🌹 Oh BTW....hormone therapy works! Take my word for it! .....giggling😇