i wanna expand on why I

    ✨Cried on my birthday✨

    my family made me feel bad, and it’s not their fault, they were suggesting things I didn’t feel comfortable with and they did so with no malice at all, of that I’m sure. (that’s why I say it isn’t their fault, they had no ill intents) but it got annoying and I lashed out and then I felt bad bc they made me feel bad with what they were suggesting and I felt bad bc I lashed out when I probably shouldn’t have. I was Kim Kardashian ugly crying at night in my room with the lights off and it made me more sad but also relieved that no one noticed that I was crying; relieved bc I wouldn’t have to deal with them asking why I was crying and all that they noticing entails, and sad because, well, apparently they don’t care enough about me to notice

    seeing [redacted] posting about how sad they are is low key getting me down too and I’m already depressed

    well, they’re not saying they’re sad, I’m just calling it that for the sake of convenience

    and like, their (so called by me) sadness doesn’t even seem like sadness, is more like some kind of (social?) anxiety-fueled fear


    me when i get my student loan


    this is the money cat. reblog in 30 seconds and you will find yourself with more wealth


    and it has its right paw up! the correct paw for this. and from the markings on its ears, it looks like it might be a calico cat. which is the luckiest kind!


    extremely lucky cat


    I don’t even care if it actually works, I’m mostly reblogging because it’s freaking adorable.


    cute cat and need money, good post, 10/10


    Y’know I reblogged this a bit ago and was saved from financial probation and getting kicked out of school because of it, just mere months from graduation. Got a call from the financial aid advisor telling me that they made a mistake with filing my account (or some other sort of clerical error) and said that, basically, they owe me money. Welp.


    Last time I reblogged the money cat, I won two $100 gift cards at work.


    honestly everyone who’s not a trans woman should reblog this because way way too many of you are still falling for this shit.


    Hear ye! Hear ye!! Jonathan Yaniv is nothing but a myth! Don’t get your terven panties in a twist!!! s/


    … this doesn’t seem to refer to Yaniv, whoever that is. Bit of a stretch.

    terfs mistaking cis jewish women for trans women bc of facial hair is so.. huh.. like that really says something doesnt it. terf ideology is on such shaky foundations in literally all aspects so its not surprising that terfs would attack cis women who dont fit their idea of womanhood & bc they think trans women all look a certain way where theyll be able to identify them but that case specifically is particularly funny/horrible. especially bc like jewish women/jewish mothers being viewed as masculine is a longstanding stereotype thats been employed by nazis and reactionaries 🤔

    An example of the “critical radfem”’s hatred towards women is in their attitude to sex workers, they pretend to be sympathetic towards us, but they use language that is:

    1. Full of slurs like “Prostitutes” and “whores”

    2. Really infantilising and condescending

    They say they care about our lives and the trauma we receive as a direct result of our work.

    But have you ever seen how they interact with sex workers who are not traumatised by our work? It immediately becomes a vicious attack, we are called “privileged” because of it and told me don’t care about women.

    Sex work gets conflated with rape and human trafficking and we are told we don’t care about either issue.

    They tell us how and why we are inherently victims and if we refuse to fit their narrative then they react with savagery.