I'm going to make you so fucking fat.

Obese won't be an appropriate word to describe you. Hell, even morbidly obese wouldn't come close. Every waking hour of every day I'm going to leave you so stuffed that getting out of bed would be far too taxing on your body. I mean, it's gonna take a lot of energy for your body to churn and digest the greasy, disgusting, carb-laden diet I'll be shoveling into you. And quite frankly? You won't be very comfortable being so full all the time.

Every day your body will swell a little bit more with soft, luscious fat, and you know that's my weakness. As your body grows and your fat cells fill up with grease, I'll be right there to fill you just a little more. Hour by hour, day by day, you'll become more obese. It'll become harder to tell what you used to look like through the excess lard that encases your entire frame. And I'm not going to stop. I'm going to bury you in your own fat, your own greed, your own body. You'll be totally helpless to stop me, even if you wanted to.


Prove it.