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2021-06-20 18:33:05

    Hey! Remember me saying working on a research paper, well i made a survey! I need young people in the 13-17 age range to fill it in, 20 people, ideally until 14 of June since i’ll need to analyze and write it in my paper that is due June 18th. 

    The topic I work on is “The family image in a mind of a teenager”, you’ll need to draw your family and talk about that drawing and answer some things. Everything is confidential, you needn’t tell me your name or anything. 

    If you have serious issues with your family that can be triggering trying to talk about it in depth, please refrain from taking this survey.

    It’s a little time consuming so I’ll appreciate if it was spread or shared! My ask box is open for all the question. Please i really need to save my scholarship

    The survey



    I’m going to ask to please take this seriously please, and answer when you can actually put some time into this. I appreciate all the answers though, thank you so so much!!!



    I WAS GIVEN MORE TIME TO FINISH MY PAPER please reblog and share with people who could take part in it! 


    june 14

    our power n water is set to be cut off and as we live in an extremely hot rural area that gets in the 100s, we rly need to keep them on. we owe 2k but any help is appreciated, we are hoping that if we can get at least 800 we can come to some sort of agreement. pls rb n considering helping ty

    c*sh*pp/v*nmo: lucifatal

    p*yp*l: lvcifatal@gmail.com


    june 15

    20/800 ty


    june 16

    30/800 ty