Braless Beauties
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    She pulled up and stopped the car in front of the garage and turned off the engine before turning to me with a mischievous grin.  “I’m so happy that you’ll be staying with us for a few months while you look for an apartment of your own.  I think it will be a time that we can become much closer and better acquainted.”

    “Thanks grandma.  I’m glad you have the extra room.  I promise I won’t be any trouble and with classes starting next week I probably won’t be around a whole lot.”

    “Well, between you and me, Trouble was always my middle name.” she said with a chuckle as she turned towards you more.  It was difficult to keep from staring at her deep and full cleavage but you tried.  “So if you plan on getting into any trouble at all.. I hope you include me.” she said and winked at you before glancing down at her breasts.  The movement of her eyes, instinctively made your eyes look down at her and you shallowed hard.

    As you returned your gaze to her eyes she continued, “Your grandfather sleeps a lot.  Mostly in his big overstuffed chair in front of the TV.  In fact, that’s probably where he is now.  So let’s sneak in quietly and I’ll come into your room to help you unpack your things.”

    As she said it, she put her hand on your leg and rubbed it up your thigh. You immediately sprouted a huge boner and shifted in your seat.  But that didn’t stop her and her hand ran up and over your pants to caress your bulging cock.  “I do believe you have something big that needs to be unpacked.. and I think I know just the place for you to put it.”

    Over the next several months it was increasing difficult for you to find an apartment of your own and grandma insisted that you stay with her and your sleepy grandfather.