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2023-11-28 08:58:37

    November 14th, 2023: Double congratulations are in order for Kyoto's newest celebrants! Mameyui (豆硐) of Ninben (δΊ») in Gion Kobu is celebrating her erikae while Fumiyui (ε―ŒηΎŽε”―) of Toshikimi (利きみ) in Miyagawa Cho is celebrating her misedashi! Mameyui's is the third erikae for her district this year so far while Fumiyui's misedashi is her district's fourth misedashi of the year. Mameyui's outfit features a beautiful design of a stream among purple hills with flowers and fans while Fumiyui's outfit features auspicious plants, folding screens, and haze ^^

    §γ¨γ†γ•γ‚“γ©γ™θ±†η΅γ•γ‚“γ¨ε―ŒηΎŽε”―けゃん ^o^!

    Images are courtesy of Mameryo and Polyphenol Vinest.


    Just trust her! @secondto1 is my Mommy! And I Luv her! She empties my brain of any resistance. Pushes me deeper into femininity. She pushes me to accept myself as a gay sissy beta. I will never be a dom. She has complete control over me. Mind and body. Ill wake up craving her texts.

    All i want to be is her good little girl!

    @pinkdizzycutie @bambipinkslut


    Loren, baby you are so amazing! It's your birthday and yet it's you giving me this amazing gift. Thank you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ You are so talented and you are an amazing presence in our community and I'm beyond lucky to be able to call myself your Mommy.