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    A fun reminder that Aang was a terrifyingly powerful Avatar.

    Most Avatars are informed of their newfound destinies at the age of 16 to begin their training. Because of the approaching war Aang was told of his status at the age of 12. He had already mastered airbending, and in the span of a year he mastered the other three elements, the avatar state, and energybending. He also learned lightning redirection and seismic sense (a technique no previous Avatar had even encountered). <>In the span of a year.

    This child was a terrifying force of nature.


    Worth noting that he protested loudly against the WWE doing a show in Saudi Arabia after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, and the company retaliated by making sure he hasn’t been on TV or PPV since. Not fired, of course, so they can keep selling merchandise with his face on it (and keep him from joining the competition), just out of the public eye so he and his protests gets forgotten by the fans.

    Picture that: an ubiquitous celeb and household name like John Cena basically got black bagged and vanished for speaking up for human rights. That’s the power of capitalism, kids

    I stan john cena!!!!

    <>Unarmed Black Man With Hands Up Shot By Police.

    <>Charles Kinsey, 47, a behavior therapist from South Florida was shot in the leg three times by the police in North Miami while laying on the ground with his arms up and trying to help his patient with autism who had run away from a group home.

    It all started when someone called 911 and said there was a man walking around with a gun. However it was Kinsey’s patient who was sitting on the ground cross-legged, playing with a toy truck.

    Charles got shot by police despite telling them he was only trying to help his patient.

    <>The police shot him, handcuffed him and left him on ground bleeding.

    North Miami police have not released much information at all. They haven’t released the officer’s name, they haven’t given us an update on the investigation. However, they did say that the state attorney is now a part of this investigation.

    <>#CharlesKinsey   #BlackLivesMatter 

    <>#StopPoliceBrutality   #NorthMiamiPoliceDepartment

    “Sir, why did you shoot me?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “I don’t know’

    Ridiculous! I guess that’s what we get for having less training than most jobs.

    Honestly, if you see an angel that’s all eyes and wings and wheels of fire, yo<>u should be worried. Like, not because it’s going to hurt you or anything, but because scripturally, angels invariably appear to ordinary people in human form. In general, they only show their inhuman true forms to prophets – which means if you’re seeing them like that, they come bearing responsibility.

    I woke up today with the phrase “spooky scary seraphim” in my head today, looks like we’re on the same wavelength.

    i cannot fucking believe i never realized this 

    So as a division officer to nearly 60 sailors over 3 years. I asked every single one. “What made you join the Navy?” Here is the breakdown. 80% - To pay for college 10% - To get out of a bad family situation 5% - Family Tradition 5% - Because of 9/11.

    “Would poor people literally risk their lives to win access to things that the rich take for granted if that weren’t set up as the only way to get them?”

    “Don’t call Trump supporters nazis, it hurts their feelings.”

    Yes, this is real (link to tweet). Yes, Tucker Carlson is literally repeating Nazi propaganda that aided the genocide of the Romani during the Holocaust. Yes, I am furious. 

    (Also, although there is a large population of Romani in Romania, they aren’t indigenous to Romania. They’re a diasporic group originally from northern India.)

    Romani and Jewish have been screaming at the top of their lungs for years about neo-fascism in Europe, and Americans were totally aloof.

    Then neo-fascism reared its head in America, but Roma and Jews were left out of the conversation in terms of people being impacted, because our oppression was “over.”

    Now Tucker Carlson is on live TV using slurs and Nazi propaganda about Romani people, and I’m 90% most people on the left are just going to ignore it.

    It’s fucking starting y'all. It’s happening again.

    If you’re not Jewish or Roma PLEASE BOOST THIS.

    Sokka and Zuko have one big fight after they get together and it's over who gets Aang as his best man

    <>Sokka, furious: you think you get AANG? I've been friends with him for way longer, he's basically my little brother, he was the first person to make me look at life in an optimistic way!

    <>Zuko, equally pissed: oh big deal, he was the FIRST person to ever offer to be my friend, EVER, and he never completely gave up on me no matter how much reason I gave him to, I would do ANYTHING for that kid

    <>Aang, sobbing: I love you guys so much

    <>Sokka: aw, Aang ❤

    <>Zuko: we love you too ❤

    <>Sokka, back to Zuko: anyway swords at dawn

    <>Zuko: I will fucking destroy you

    <>Katara, watching Sokka and Zuko brawl: if these two keep this up there's not going to BE a wedding. Aang, why don't you just decide whose best man you want to be?

    <>Aang, still weeping: HOW am I supposed to CHOOSE

    <>Katara: don't be silly, obviously you should go with Sokka

    <>Toph: uh, what? He should go with Zuko

    <>Katara: swords at dawn

    <>Bumi: You know who would make a great best man?

    <>Bumi: Appa.

    In the end, Momo is Sokka’s best man and Appa is Zuko’s.

    Can Aang officiate?

    physically stopping in my tracks in the middle of my midday walk because i took two hits, saw a flower and realized that gods cant love the way humans can because love is about survival


    ok i was stoned what i should have said was that an immortal could never love the way a mortal can because the reason we love so viscerally is because of our own mortality. we’re born vulnerable and scared and difficult to understand and we only manage to get more so as we age. we need people to love us from the moment that we’re born or we won’t make it. we are constantly trying to understand each other, to love more and to love harder because otherwise we’ll die. everything is fake but love. love is the root of everything. take away capitalism and tear down the skyscrapers and throw away the internet and shit. you would still wake up tomorrow and need to eat, and you would still need someone to care for you when you’re sick, and we’d still need music and entertainment and CONNECTION to each other. and what would prompt anyone to do anything if not for the shared need to survive as a species and to fucking feel some form of being needed in the whole, of being accepted and protected by others. idk how you guys see it but the way we instinctively need to understand each other down to our basic survival instincts….thats pretty metal. 

    this is just like troy (2004) when brad pitt achilles said “The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”