NSFW - Adult Entertainment

It was a shock to discover that some of your favourite celebrities had filmed and released “adult entertainment”. While a number of them had only made one type, others had made a variety.

I was tagged by @nzy-kpopgames but everyone I would tag has already been tagged so. Also I'm adding some extras to include pairings for the same sex and threesome categories.

How it works:

  • Go to “Random.org”.
  • Click on “Lists & More” and then “Lists Randomised”.
  • Enter the names of 18+ people.
  • Use the first 8 and see what genre their most popular video belongs to.
  • Same Sex - Johyun and Bomi (If I could write FxF I would want to write this pairing so bad.

    Threesome - Gahyeon & Ailee. (This is definitely an... interesting pairing.)

    Parody - Hyosung (I've got nothing for this. No clue what kind of parody Hyosung would do.

    Orgy - Yoohyeon (I'm imagining a DC member orgy)

    Public - Ahin (No extra notes needed, picture does all the talking)

    Bondage - Sua (Nothing really to say here)

    Massage - Eunji (She can massage me any day. And vice versa)

    Masturbation - Hyomin (I'd watch this on loop)