Is it cool if I take a screenshot of some of your fics?

    Yeah, feel free (keep credit on them if you plan on sharing them) . I’ve saved the fics and will upload them onto discord eventually once I find a proper hosting site that supports gifs and images 

    Current state

    I want to write but I’ve been working a lot and haven’t had time so I apologize to everyone. I will be working on one soon so expect that.

    As for the other writers I don’t believe that they will be writing for a long time. 

    - Admin Lotus

    Life of this tumblr page?

    So is this page officially done for? I check back on the daily for updates/new Smuts

    Soooooo we're all kinda having writers block at the moment, but for me, I'm doing what i can to get my fire back, and hope to have stuff out in the next few weeks...

    Genuinely sorry that we haven't been posting much recently

    - Kira the Saviour

    Cheeky Dahyun


    Dahyun quickly undressed herself. “We have to finish before we have to leave for my schedule.” She said as you stripped naked and laid on the bed. JYPE assigned you to Dahyun as her manager but little did they know you were her favorite sex toy. She called you to come by early to relieve her sexual tension when it got out of control. Dahyun had an image of innocence to keep up with her fans. 

    A cheeky smile stretched across her face as she propped your throbbing cock close to her soft pink lips. She gave quick licks and kisses, teasing you further. “Your friend here seem like he’s struggling.” You hated how she teased you every time regardless of it being a quickie before her schedules. This time you decided you were going to take the lead. You pushed her on her back and stuck the head of you penis in her ass, as always. She couldn’t risk getting pregnant with her booming career as an idol. Dahyun was taken aback by your initiative but was impressed and turned on.

    It was a while since the last time you two had done this, your throbbing cock was filled with rushing blood and thicker than usual. This didn’t bother Dahyun, she was enthralled by your girth spreading her asshole apart, softly moaning and exhaling and you went deeper. 

    You could hear her soft moans, and wanted to show her what you could do. You arched her ass upwards while her face was pressed against the bed. She got the hint of what was about to happen and before she could tell you to wait, you put your weight into shoving yourself further into her ass. Constantly pounding her ass, she was unable to make a noise, just staring at the bed as her manager ravaged her ass like she was his sex toy. 

    You flipped her around and kept going at it, Dahyun couldn’t hold back showing the pleasure on her face from being dominated. You could feel yourself coming closer to the end and you leaned in close to her face and whispered “Your ass is gunna be filled with your manager’s cum, how does that make you feel?” She looked you straight in the eyes gasping “Fill me up.. fill me to till it comes overflowing out my ass!” She said clenching her teeth. Those words pushed you over the edge and you came as deep as you could into her, you could feel yourself unloading so much into her and as you pulled out cum dripped out onto her ass. 

    Dahyun looked up at you, smiled and winked. “We might have to do this a lot more when I’m done with this comeback...”


    Sneaky Idol Hunter Prologue

    - Kira the Saviour

    Fuck I hate my dad…

    It’s been 1 year since he sent me to Seoul to study, and I still hate him. You get drunk ONE FUCKING TIME and your father sends you to another country for 2 years to study. Best 18th birthday gift. What the actual fuck.


    I didn’t like the thought of leaving so suddenly, and I actually hated it here for the first 2-3 months, but I’ve come to really like it here. Even though my dad is just a rich prick that dumped my mum and doesn’t give us money to live, he could afford everything just to keep me in Korea for 2 years. I have made some friends here, but most are other kids like me. Studying abroad for whatever reason.

    Broken Korean has only gotten me so far (even though mine is the best out of all my non-Korean friends), which is why I’m thankful my dad put me in a Korean language course. I’m currently attending Yongsan International School of Seoul, which is a private school just slightly north of the Han River, in case you guys didn’t know. There’s not many white people here, and those that are, aren’t from Australia like me. Most of the other students are from other Asian countries like Japan, China, and the Philippines.

    There are of course others in there, those where just the only ones of note.

    The dorms aren’t that far away, only about a 5-10 minute bus ride from the campus, so it’s easy to get to and from places easily. I work as a cleaner at a few different restaurants, so I’m at least able to have a bit of my own money while I’m here. That’s about 20-30 minutes away from the dorm by bus.

    Thank god stuff is cheaper here than it was back home, even though I’ve practically been eating convenient store food the whole time so far.

    I share a floor with a few different people, but I’m just glad we get our own rooms. They’re like small ass studio apartments, and each floor has their own toilets and showers you have to share. My mate from America, Jason, is often complaining about how the male and female students are separated into different dorms.

    “It’s so hard to get laid here.” Has almost become his catchphrase, he says it that often.

    I’ve not really put much thought into that whole side of things, but it would be nice to hook up with a Korean chick every once and a while. I was always smooth with my words back home, but I’ve not really had a reason to use them much. Jeez, Australian chicks are so much easier.

    Well, now that you have my back story, let’s get onto what actually happened this Friday after class.

    We finished at 4 today, which is an hour longer than the 4 previous days of class, and I have no idea why they do it that way. I had grabbed everything, books and notes and shit, and started to make my way to the bus. Before I’m able to get my headphones on, Jason bumps into me.

    “Hey Yamo, you wanna come out and get some food with me and the other guys tonight? You’ve just seemed really stressed out recently, and I just think you could use the break.”

    “Nah, not tonight dude. I’d love to, but I got barely any money, and I’ve got a paper due on Monday.”

    “How much have you got left to do?”

    “2 entire pages. I just don’t know if and when I’ll have access to a printer.”

    “That’s not a hassle dude, why not just talk to Sara?”

    “The techy Thai girl?”

    “Yeah, her. Just ask if you can use her printer tomorrow when you’re done.”

    “How the fuck do you expect me to ask her that? She and I haven’t spoken much, and I don’t even have a way of contacting her now that it’s about to be the weekend?”

    He then pulls out his phone and shows me a phone number marked SARA.

    “I got her number, so I could ask her for you.”

    “That would be great, but I don’t really want to be associated with who you’re trying to hook up with.”

    “Well, do you want your paper printed or not?”

    “Yeah…” followed with a sigh.

    “Well, problem solved. So, are you coming out for food or not?”

    “Dude, I told you, I don’t have enough fucking money!”

    “I’ll pay for you this time, then you pay for me next time. Sound fair?”

    “Yeah I guess. Fuck it! I’m in.”

    “Awesome! Well, get showered when we get back, and we’ll be heading out at 6.”

    “Alright, no worries.”

    And then he just went back to texting with Sara for the rest of the bus ride. Once we got back to the dorms, I took everything up to my room, and grabbed my things ready to shower. Towel, shampoo, tooth brush, razor, and shaving gel. That should about do it. By about 5:30ish, I was all done up and ready. Hair all nice, clean shaven, dope outfit, a great cologne, and a nice subtle but stylish makeup style.

    Yeah, that’s one thing that weirded me the fuck out when I first got here. The whole “men can wear makeup too” thing. Back home, you’d get laughed at and/or called a faggot. But here, it’s normal. My few Korean friends have said it’s because of their high standard of beauty, and how you should always work to look the best you possibly can. They told me that within the first month of being here, which is when I started working out, dressing better, and of course wearing makeup. That took me longer to get used to though, but I do have a much better body than I did when I got here, that’s for sure.

    Soon I met Jason and the rest of our friends and headed for the bus stop. When we got off the bus, about 20 minutes later, we were just throwing ideas back and forth of wear we should eat. We were all suggesting things like ramen or barbeque, or hell even street food surfing, but not our fat friend Brad. The only other Australian dude in the entire schools (He and I are from opposite sides of Australia btw).

    He was suggesting McDonalds, because of course he does.

    “Brad, you’re shorter than my and nearly double my weight! We’re not going to go get fucking McDonalds.”

    I was just over 6’ and only 81kg, but Brad, fuck me. He was about 5’8” and about 120kg.

    How he hasn’t died yet is beyond me at this point.

    “Why do you keep making fun of my weight Yamo?”

    “Because you’re my friend, and I don’t want you to die before the rest of us.”

    “Yeah dude, Yamo is right.” Devan, our Black Jamaican friend adds. “It really is unhealthy.”

    “Plus, with all these hotties around, there’s no chance you’re gonna get laid.”

    “Jason!” We all yell back.

    “Right, sorry.”

    I put my hand on his shoulder. “Dude, we give you a hard time in order to help you. It really is bad for you to be this fat. I know some good trainers at my gym that would be willing to help get on the right track. If you want, I can talk to them on Monday for you if you’d like.”

    “I don’t know.” He thinks about it for a while. “Just talk to them, and we’ll see what happens. Thanks Yamo.”

    I gave him a pat on the back, and we headed to a barbeque place after finally deciding on what to eat.

    Like he promised, Jason paid for my share in the meal. After we were done, we went around just looking at stuff for a while, random shops and stuff. Jason did try his best to pick up a few chicks using his broken Korean. I swear, the only reason he’s here isn’t to study a new language, but to pick up chicks.

    Fuckboi alert!!

    Everything cooled down at about 11, and we all started making our way back to the dorms soon after. By 12, I was knocked out in my bed, tired from everything this week. The next morning, I smashed out the last of my paper, and was able to print it off by 3pm. Jason was able to get Sara to let me borrow her printer.

    On Monday I was the first to hand it in, and I got a B+. I wish I had gotten better, but it was the best grade I’ve gotten in my whole life (during highschool, I was a troublemaker and didn’t give a fuck about school, no matter how many times my dad got pissed at me).

    The rest of that week was fairly normal, but this weekend was going to be the start of a big change in my life here in Seoul, that I hadn’t even planned for.

    It was going to be the start of something very fun.

    Kira’s new series

    Wassup everyone!

    Much like what I did with Gfriend, I’m going to be starting up another series of smuts. This one isn’t going to focus on a specific group or idol, but each chapter will be 100% connected.

    If you’re waiting for our Island series, Storum is working on something right now, and it’ll be out soon.

    Just to clarify, the Island is being done by all of us, this will be done by just me.

    I hope you guys will enjoy reading it, because I’m gonna enjoy the fuck out of writing this :)

    The prologue will be out in a day or 2, so be on the look out for it!

    - Kira the Saviour


    Just an idea. Why not upload like every saturday or on saturday every two weeks. That way it will be better i mean unless yall are busy then just upload the next saturday. This will give yall a better way to management your time. Just a suggestion.

    I try to make something every week, but when the others have been on hiatus for so long, i feel pressured to try and make more, even if don't actually end up making more than one a week. With a page this big, there should be at least 2 fics a week... If i wasn't going through a lot of personal shit, I'd be more than able to make multiple fics a week, but i can't... I'm sorry for this long response, but i just hope it'll clear some stuff up - Kira the Saviour

    Kinks and stuff

    What’s up everyone!

    Storum and I (we don’t know what happened to Lotus) have had a new idea that we wanted to run by you guys.

    Is there any kinds of kinks that you guys have, that you want us to write? We’ll take a suggestions and try to work them in to our fics, but if you want a specific kink with a specific idol, send it in as a request.

    At the moment it may take a while, since Hellshire (the guy that makes my fakes for me) has been kinda busy, and isn’t able to make the fakes as fast as he’d like. That being said, if you’ve got a series of fakes you’ve been holding onto, go to our discord and either send them to us, or drop them in the “visuals-for-fics” tab,

    We will not be accepting fakes/kinks involving: Animals, underage idols, rape, and shit.

    Please take that into consideration when sending your requests to us :)

    - Kira the Saviour

    Ok, this has started getting annoying

    Recently, we have been spammed with lots of anonymous requests, and I think they’re all from the same person. In order to prevent spam requests, we have completely turned off anonymous requests.

    From now on, those who spam requests will be blocked.

    - Kira the Saviour

    An Explanation

    It’s official. This page is on hiatus.

    I know that some of you are going to be disappointed, but please try and understand. I mostly can’t speak for the Lotus and Storum, but I can for myself. I’m going through some shit right now, personal shit, and I can’t even pull myself to write even a paragraph right now. When I went on hiatus a couple months ago, it was the exact same thing.

    I want to write, I know how to make good stuff for you guys, but I can’t even get out of bed most days. As for Lotus and Storum, all they’ve told me is that they aren’t in the mood to write, so you’re gonna have to personally ask them if you want more info.

    I’m sorry if this comes off like I’m fishing for sympathy I’m really not I just needed to explain to you guys why it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and why I probably won’t be posting for a while. Frankly, I don’t know when another post will be up.

    I’m sorry to let you guys down.

    - Kira the Saviour