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    Hot Asian boy Eben love story

    New York is my playground. My modelling career is great. It gives me both prestige and the attention I deserve. My man, a smart financial exec from Wall Street, worships both my fit body and my handsome smile, as well he should. Any man who even thinks of his JJ, I will destroy permanently. I am the destroyer and I own my man, my looks and my growing wealth and fame. That fucking peasant farmer who fell asleep on my mans’ chest last spring needs to be taught to respect me. I am sure that slut sucked off my executive’s perfect cock at the New Years Eve party. So it’s time he learns not to plant his vegetables in my field.

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    Destruction follows typhoongary

    Modelling is my profession. New York is my playground. My financial executive is my man. His cock is my elixir. I deserve it all and more. I destroy anyone in my path. Farmer boy Deng is in my path. I will grind his ass into the dirt if he dares to touch my man.

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