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    The end of Tumblr

    The end of Tumblr, is what I call it. It’s a foolish decision to just ditch like 75% of your accounts, ridiculous. They could have made a sister website just for us that like to post adult content.

    Right now I'm moving to: night24.bdsmlr.com, but I may move to other platforms as well, I'll post about that later. Bdsmlr.com’s staff are aware of the situation and have made a statement already basically welcoming us Tumblrs and that they will be working to improve the website. I do not endorse this website as I know little about it but for now I’ll give it a try.

    I hope we'll meet again.


    The Pit

        Ever since this slave became Owned property well over a year ago now, both her Owner and herself have shared a mutual love for isolation and storage bondage, from spending countless hours and even several days locked away in her cage with very little contact with her Owner, or spending hours locked down tight in the present down position in a small wooden box this slave has grown very fond of being stored away.

       Recently this slaves Owner decided He wanted to add another, more intense element to our storage bondage, no longer content with just a cage or a box He wanted something more strict and isolating to store His property in. After seeing plans for a wonderful garden pit that were posted in the Bondage Life forums by Night24 that featured a cage that could be lowered into a concrete pit in the ground He decided to build a similar pit. This slaves Owner almost immediately began designing His own version of the pit, and with a little input from this slave plans were put into motion to build a pit just off the deck in the back yard.

       While this slaves Owner and a friend were busy designing the cage, the pit doors and all of the other technical stuff involved, this slave began doing her part to help build the pit. With digging a hole being the first step of the process this slave figured she would be put to work doing hard labor digging the hole and she was proven correct when she was leashed, led outside into the yard and handed a shovel.

       After being lathered up in sunblock this slave was allowed to put on a pair of boots to protect her feet, then her Owner shackled and chained her wrists and ankles together before using a heavy chain to secure her collar to a metal anchor bolt that was mounted into the ground. Once this slave was chained and secured she began her assigned task and started digging the hole that would be used to store this slave like she never has been before, underground!

       Both excited and scared by the prospect of being locked in a cage underground for countless hours, or even days at a time if her Owner so chooses, this slave obediently continued digging and digging and with each shovel full of dirt she moved, she found herself sweating more and more causing any parts of her naked body not already caked in dirt to glisten in the hot summer sun. After being allowed several breaks for water, with this slave on her hands and knees drinking from a bowl of course, her first day of digging eventually came to an end and with this slave covered in copious amounts of dirt from head to toe she was taken out into the grass and was sprayed off with the garden hose by her Owner.

       Not even being close to done after the first day this slave was led back outside over the course of several more days and the routine was repeated each time, she was chained and leashed, dug herself to near exhaustion under the hot summer sun each day and then was summarily hosed down like an animal with the garden hose before being permitted back inside. On her last day of digging this slaves Owner decided she had earned a reward for all of her hard work so she was ordered to kneel in front of Him and present her mouth which she did without hesitation. With her head back, mouth open and tongue out as ordered, she found her open hole quickly filled with her Owners cock, then after several minutes of having her face and throat fucked she felt her Owner remove her butt plug and push it into her still open mouth, then just as quickly as her butt plug was removed it was replaced with her Owners now hardened cock as He promptly began thrusting it deep into this slaves ass until He eventually blessed her with a load of His cum.

       With all of the digging done the next step in the process was begun as this slaves Owner poured the concrete bottom and sides of the pit, then once the concrete was set and cured He installed a drain and air tubes on the sides of the pit for ventilation to ensure the possibility of long term storage. It took a few weeks but eventually the cage, pulley system and pit doors were ready to be installed, since most of that work was outside of this slaves skill set she was just locked on a chain in the yard nearby and watched excitedly as her Owner and His friend finished building her newest instrument of isolation.

       After a few hours of work everything was finally installed and tested out then with a few adjustments here and there the pit was ready to be used. To say this slave was excited would be a massive understatement as her pussy began to instantly drip as her Owner began preparing her for storage. Quickly finding herself gagged, shackled wrist to ankle, and locked inside her new cage, this slave felt her heart begin to race with both excitement and fear as she started to slip into subspace as she mentally prepared herself for the pit. Temporarily jolted from her relaxed state by the sound and movement of the cage as it came to rest on the concrete edge of the lower level of the pit, this slave soon found herself again calmed and at peace as the bright light of the sun was replaced with complete darkness as the steel doors above her head were closed and locked sealing her away for an indefinite period of time.

        Alone with her thoughts and locked in complete darkness this slave slowly started to slip back into subspace and was soon relaxed and at peace knowing she was in her safe space and smiled knowing she was pleasing her Owner by being stored away. Eventually this slave fell asleep in the pit but was soon awakened by the sound of the metal doors of the pit being unlocked and opened and soon found herself back in the bright sun as her Owner raised her cage from the pit. Both relieved to be removed from the pit and upset about not being able to stay in it longer this slave was leashed and led out of her cage and crawled behind her Owner as she was led out into the yard, chained to the metal stake and hosed down like an animal.

       With her first experience in the pit now over this slave was immediately eager to go back in it again and has gotten her wish quite a few times in the month plus that the pit has been completed. After only spending about an hour in the pit the first time this slaves Owner has gradually increased her time spent in the pit and during a most recent storage session this slave was locked away for over 4 hours. Being kept in the pit longer was an awesome experience but with the longer time also came a few more issues that needed to be taken care of.

       So this slave didn’t get dehydrated a calf feeding/water bottle was mounted inside her cage and filled with cold water for her to drink and with the addition of drinking water also came the need for this slave to relieve herself in the pit which as humiliating as it was to do, was easily remedied by this slave squatting in her cage and relieving herself through the bottom bars and down into the drain in the lower level of the pit. Relieving herself in the pit also added another humiliating task for this slave, before she is hosed down and cleaned afterward, she has to first clean her cage then has to hose down the inside of the pit to wash away her waste.

        Now regularly spending time in the pit this slave is looking forward to spending more and more time locked away in storage and she can’t wait to see what else her Owner has planned for her!


    I’m honored that my concept was taken into account for this project! Great to read all the small details which you are so good to include in your writings. I’m eager to read more about your future experiences in the pit. Maybe a 100 hour session is what awaits you :)