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    “Alam mo ba ang sinsabi nila na kung magmamahal ka ng dalawa, pipiliin mo ang pangalawa dahil hindi ka magmamahal ulit kung sapat ang pagmamahal mo sa una? Ang laki ng inasa ko sa kalokohan na yan eh. Ang laki kasing paasa. Tanga lang. Hindi kasi nila naisip na maaring nagmahal lang ang taong yon ng pangalawang beses dahil nangulila sya dun sa una. Na pwede magmahal ulit pero hindi kasing tindi dun sa una. Bakit ba sila nagpapakalat ng ganong sabi sabi? Paasa sila”

    — Red Dela Cruz (Never Talk Back To A Gangster)

    Imagine taking Jimmy Conway on a first date (with a bit of a twist)!

    Wishing a very special happy, happy birthday to Miss @vitodeniro !!! You have become one of my best friends, I love your personality and talking with you each day ❤️

  • When Jimmy first met you, he was immediately drawn to your confidence and the way you held yourself. He can tell you don't take no shit off nobody.
  • What he didn't know is that he was in for quite the surprise when he asked you out for a date.
  • He shows up to your house just before 8, dressed in a way that made him casual, but he knows he looks damn good. It's a simple suit: slacks, matching jacket, and a button up shirt, unbuttoned a little too low, and no tie.
  • He brought you a bouquet of flowers, red and white roses. It shows he has money.
  • But you're not just some girl that takes flowers from a guy, you have to let him know where you stand, so you grab your keys and start heading to your car.
  • "Doll, you're not gonna need those keys. Let me drive you," he urges.
  • "Why don't you let me drive you, big boy?" you ask, grabbing his tie and giving it a bit of a tug.
  • Frankly, Jimmy is taken back a bit. Any girl that bests him like that.... Well, he'll let you drive. And I mean, he can't really complain; he actually kind of likes watching you drive, seeing the way the streetlights outline your silhouette as you travel down the busy Brooklyn streets.
  • At dinner, Jimmy found himself shocked again when you ordered his wine for him. You played it off as a cute little joke, but he was properly put in his place.
  • "You gonna boss me around all night?" he chuckles at you.
  • "No, I'll let you pick out your dinner," you snark.
  • "Oh, you'll let me, huh?" He raises his eyebrows and gives you a bit of a smug grin.
  • Whole enjoying the live music at the Copa, you slide a hand across your lap to grab Jimmy's, your thumb stroking his. When he feels you other hand grip at the back of his neck, he stiffens up a bit.
  • He looks at you out the corner of his eye, and you scratch a little bit at his hair back there.
  • You lean over and hover your fave inches from his, your eyes looking down almost desperately at his lips.
  • But when he closes his eyes to get a kiss from you, you simply move to kiss him on the cheek. He opens his eyes looking thoroughly disappointed, and you answer him with a devious look. He had played his cards and now you knew how bad he wanted you...
  • Like a predator hunting their prey, you made him wait patiently to have you. Lightly teasing him with the hand holding, putting your fingers in his pocket, resting your head on his shoulder...
  • When you climb into your car after an evening if excellent food and good music, you simply give each other eyes for a moment. Jimmy is feeling a little uncertain about the dominant moves you've pulled on him this evening.
  • You think for a moment about starting the car, but decided to drop the car keys and hop on Jimmy's lap.
  • You straddle him then and there in the parking lot of the Copacabana, and your fave only lingers in front of his for a second before your lips crash into his in a fiery kiss.
  • Jimmy never EVER thought he'd be the kind of guy to get put in his place by a woman, or really anyone for that matter, but as your tongue presses against his lips demanding entrance, he found himself rather enjoying taking the backseat.