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    “Hey kitten, come in here a moment”, I’d called to her from the lounge.

    “Yes, Sir. What’s up?” she enquired upon entering the room. Her cheeks instantly turned rosy as she saw the glint in my eyes. She knew what that look meant. I had the devil inside me.

    “I just want to clarify something, baby”

    “Erm, yes, Sir”, she replied, squirming on the spot, unable to stand still.

    “Who’s cunt is that?”

    “Yours, Sir”, her face flushed fully red.

    “You’re going to put on a little show for me, kitten”

    I watched as she delicately shifted her weight from foot to foot, not quite able to maintain eye contact with me.

    “Unbutton your blouse, and show me your perfect little tits”

    “Yes, Sir”

    “Take a seat”

    As she sank down onto the sofa opposite me, I emitted a low growl of approval.

    “You’re going to do exactly as I instruct”

    “Put your hand inside your panties and gently play with my cunt”

    “I want you to describe how she feels as your fingers caress her”

    “And don’t forget, kitten, you mustn’t cum without permission!”

    As she gently rubbed on her throbbing clit, she began to mumble a description.

    “Louder, baby!”, I instructed.

    “It feels super soft, Sir. I’m very wet”

    “I don’t doubt it, kitten. Go on…”

    “My clit is aching, Sir”

    “It feels really good”

    It never takes very long for her to arrive at her tipping point when I embarrass her by making her use her words like this. Within a matter of minutes, she was begging for permission to cum. Of course, I made her beg for a while first…

    Patience is a virtue after all.

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    Thinking about you wearing a plug out to a party under your skirt with nothing else underneath, inviting you to climb on my lap, then I immediately spread your legs open in front of all of your friends so they can see your dripping wet pussy. I keep your legs spread while I start to finger you and invite them to take turns sliding their fingers inside you and force you taste how desperate you are.

    .... it’s kinda embarrassing how much this turns me on skdjcjs