A lot of the real incest videos I see include an unattractive mother and an odd looking teenager. Maybe their ancestors had the incest gene lol

I think you might be referring to what the comrades across the Pacific have been churning out ad nauseam with cold precision ever since there was VHS. Russian pornographers have the hard sell of convincing you their screen actors are actually mother and son, when the truth is they’re not and most of them first met on set a half hour before they started shooting. I think I watched exactly one video of this type, enough to cause me testicular distress. The obvious cold detachment and glaring lack of endorphic euphoria in the act should leave you no doubt that these “sons” are just dudes who are desperate for cash and they’ll act out taboo story lines no self-respecting Russian porn star would touch.  (Not so in the U.S., where it’s slowly becoming a given than any aging female pornstar will eventually dabble in incest fantasies for a payday no matter her brand and name recognition).

Think long and hard about whether you’ve really ever seen real actual incest on screen. I am convinced that I have probably not, and if I did, cool beans. Authentic videos might only exist in the recesses of the deep web and due to their nature are highly unlikely to be indexed by porn aggregation sites who want to stay on the safe side. When I used to masturbate, there was only a handful of videos I can recall that did make me wonder, and it could be because in all of them I could not clearly make out the faces of the copulating couple. A little tip: real incest videos probably won’t have great lighting and coverage of multiple angles. An indicator of a real incest video is if it has something “off” about it, like if it was filmed surreptitiously or if you can tell the son is conning his mother into it or if there’s little moments of tenderness you just know had to be unscripted. An authentic incest video will not follow the formulaic precision of normal porn (blowjob, three main positions, money shot to the face or tits). You can tell when a sex video is being filmed for an audience and when it’s being filmed for private consumption by the couple filming themselves.

It’s a shame we don’t live in a world where Mom and I can expose ourselves and fuck on camera for stupid amounts of money, because our community really needs an All-American Incest Couple to obliterate the myths.

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Fuck yes we need some authentic mother-son incest videos!

There is only one video I can think of that I actually believe is likely mother-son incest. It's a video about Tabitha (?) and Brian from Tennessee (I think), and it's fairly awkward. It's a shame, because they are both attractive, in that Southern rural kind of way. Unfortunately, Brian is nervous in front of the camera and has a difficult time maintaining an erection. His mother seems to be enjoying it, though. To me, the level of awkwardness and the inability to perform, along with the fact that they really do physically look related, makes me think there may be some truth to the video.