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    “Is this a mistake…” he involuntarily whispered under his breath. The size of his brother’s big dick invading his body was becoming too much to handle. He held onto his brother for comfort, overstimulated.

    His brother gave a small smile, quietly laughing. “I’m already inside you. It feels so good…” his eyebrows slanted upward away from his nose, struggling as well to wrap his head around the affair. “It’s not like I can pull out and pretend like it never happened. We’re a whole lot more than just brothers, now.”



    Who wants a werewolf boyfriend in heat, all needy and whimpering whenever he isn't using you for more than a few minutes, all wrapped around you and touching your every sensitive spot even when he isn't currently pounding your holes?

    And what about how big he gets in heat, making you almost painfully full when his c.ock tries to fit into your overstimulated holes, already dripping with all the c.um he squeezes deep into you for days, not letting you leave the house at all.

    His scent is rubbed all over you, and it makes his instincts skyrocket, to the point when he completely discards the very idea of limiting f.cking you to the bed, and instead takes you against every surface his eyes lay on.

    He holds you firmly in place as you squirm and shiver when he pounds load after load in you, spreading your legs wide and forcing the bulging knot inside as well, making all the c.um stay right where he wants it. The very idea of your holes never going back to their original size makes him smile and double his efforts.



    After a hard day at work, Dad likes to relax, and it’s my job to help him do that. I start with my hands, massaging the tired muscles, then use my tongue to tingle his skin. In the early days when I was still in my teens, he restricted the action to his legs and back, before turning over when there would be no restrictions - his lovely big cock becoming the focus, to be sucked and then ridden to our first climax of the evening. I was more than happy with that arrangement. But as I got older, I also got bolder, and Dad became more accepting. Slowly but surely I moved the play on, touching his ass, which he didn’t complain about. From there it progressed to massaging the buns, then spreading them apart to gaze at his hole. I was eventually allowed to give it a lick, which Dad found surprisingly pleasant. So I moved up the anti by eating him out, which totally drove him wild. That happened a couple of weeks ago, and has been repeated every day since. But yesterday Dad didn’t bring it to an end by turning over - instead he suggested I slip him my dick, which I eagerly did. So I fucked my father for the first time. I didn’t do it like he usually fucks me, though - hard and brutal, totally in charge, all about him taking his pleasure and eventually blowing his nut. It was leisurely and sensuous, trying to please Dad, while taking so much pleasure myself. It was absolute heaven but I couldn’t hold out for as long as I wanted - a few minutes being all I could last before blasting, breeding my father with family cum. I felt embarrassed, but Dad handled it superbly, telling me I obviously needed more practice, and should include it in the daily routine. 

    So here we are, another working day over, and Dad is waiting to be worked on: to be massage and licked by his adoring son; to be thoroughly rimmed and then respectfully fucked - hopefully for more than a couple of minutes, and perhaps even more than the once.

    The KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY series is unashamedly about incest. The books have been banned from most retailers, but they can still be found on Smashwords. Click on the title or image/GIF to go to the Fergie Boy website for links. Or use this one to go direct to SMASHWORDS


    For those who’d like to sample more of my work,  FAMILY LOCKDOWN - THE FIRST THREE DAYS is currently free at Smashwords


    The sexy tatted muscle daddy I met at the gym two weeks ago came over first thing this morning and deposited a huge fucking load in my ass!!! As he got dressed I couldn’t help but need his dick buried in me all over again… a long deep kiss as he left… he said he had to go to work… but his hard bulging dick said otherwise!! He pounded his raw cock in me a second time this morning! On his way to work he texted that he will be back tonight… fuck I love his sexual appetite!!! Fuck me please daddy!!!


    Dad was on a video call again but I was feeling horny. I went into his office and sat on the floor next to him. He noticed I was there but he kept talking and caring on his call. I put my hand on his leg and he slowly shifted and turned to me. He didn’t look, he didn’t want anyone to noticed what was happening.

    I put my hand on the front of his pants and stated rubbing. His cock responded and I sat there getting him hard as he tried to concentrate. He put his hand on his pants button and undid them and opened them. I reached in and felt his hard cock straining against his underwear.

    Damn, he was so hot. Everything about him made me crazy. I held the dick that made me and he didn’t even judge me for wanting something so wrong. I pulled his pants down a bit and then went for his underwear. I pulled them down and let his cock free. He was leaking already and I took it in my hand and started to jack him off as he spoke to his co-workers.

    I moved forward and took his cock in my mouth and sucked down. It was a fimiliar feeling and taste now but it still got me so excited. I moved my lips up and down on him, his manly scent filling my nose. He let his voice slip for a moment as I licked the tip with my tongue like he liked. He was holding it together but barely.

    “Guys, I’m going to have to jump off I got another call I need to get ready for,” he told them as I sucked his fat cock hard and deep.

    He needed his call and turned his chair and watched as I sucked and licked his cock.

    “You trying to get me fired?” He chuckled.

    “No, but you’ve been on calls all day and I needed some time too,” I told him kissing the bottom of his dick and giving him an evil grin.

    “Well I’m all yours now, so why don’t we take this up to my room,” he said standing up and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

    I knew what that meant. He wanted to fuck my hole, he always said ‘lets take it to my room’ when he wanted to do that.

    “Sure, Dad,” I said standing up. “I’d like that.”

    “Me too,” he said grabbing my ass as he followed me.

    hello, anyone who is still somehow here on tumblr!!

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