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    the timeline shown by exploring just a few character pages of the strawberry shortcake wiki is a good reference point for the way capitalism destroys art


    for some reason this one hits the hardest, like they were clearly working within the confines of a smaller animation budget in 2007 or whatever that first one is but they were adapting to it and then bam it hits figurative netflix and shes someones niece ashley. im sorry sour grapes


    everyone saying they get what the designers were thinking but x is missing the point. this is fucking strawberry shortcake. it serves no purpose in culture other than cute maximalist designs of children based on desserts that are sometimes converted to good smelling dolls. when it becomes a streamlined animation property like this all the premise of the franchise strawberry shortcake is gone it's a shell of a shell do you see her face? she can't even cry


    We owe fat LGBT people everything


    some of you people are so fucking weird about this post for no reason. i promise the evil fat queers don't have a gun to your head forcing you to respect them as much as you think they do


    it's sort of weird that one edgy tumblrina reblogged this with le epic snarky clapback to pwn the fatties and now the notes are crawling with fash and transphobes. surely no correlation between virulently hating fat bodies and being an insane bigoted online weirdo at all.


    she asked me if i believed in god and i told her that when i was four i almost drowned in a public pool and in my panic mistook a stranger for my father. i clawed my way up his leg. four years later he’d send my parents a picture of the scars alongside a tin of cookies. he said, “i hope she’s still okay. i carry her with me. it isn’t every day you save a life. it isn’t every day you feel like you were here for a reason. when it does happen, you have to cherish that memory. for once, i had a purpose. just being there was enough. she tore me open but she taught me a lot about love.”

    introducing: castiwheel and dean wheelchester

    are you like me and have brainworms? do you just want to throw together random fucking versions of destiel together in your brain? do you need help?

    do i have the wheels for you!


    and dean wheelchester:

    so i got levithan!cas and demon!dean which is fucking bonkers bc they would either destroy each other so fast OR team up and destroy the world.

    (i might use this for writing and you’re invited to do the same for any art or just spin each wheel, reblog with what you get, and imagine how fucking weird it would be)


    Man come on you don't gotta be replying Kys and L to every kind of cringe Blaze post you see I know it's the law of the land and all that but come on be nice


    I take back the last part actually it literally does not have to be this way. Why do you want this site's culture to be on some 4chan shit. If you see someone's art for a Dangan Ronpa fan character they made through Blaze just smile politely and keep scrolling. You people would not last 2 seconds on deviantArt if seeing cringe but well meaning content makes you react in this way

    Again, from a technical standpoint, the only real way to protect a child online is to give them full privacy and anonymity just like you would an adult. No spyware. No identity transparency. No sharing their govt issued id with a third party "trusted" verifier. Because should access to these vulnerabilities and sensitive data be made to someone with ill intentions or someone incompetent, you've just shot yourself in the foot and enabled unprecidented capabilities for harm. This is not theoretical. It's happened before and it will happen again: School admins outing children through their web searches. School admins spying on children through their webcams. Sensitive data breaches. Failure of a trusted party to encrypt or protect PII at rest.

    Even if this were somehow wrong, It would change the implementation of these but not the conclusion, as children would still deserve the right to privacy. They're people too!