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2019-05-16 10:33:14

    My T-Total favorite so far the bloopers. I was too damn high to be making a video, let alone doing another hotrail…

    That line wasn’t that damn big, but took three to finally finish it lol.

    I was fucked up and wearing a mask what do you expect?



    Let’s follow each other. Tumblr only shows me like the same 50 blogs and I’m trying to explore the deep end of the pool.


    I need more hard drug blogs.

    Lines of glass to the Brain.

    The Ramblings of an Old School Junkie.

    I know a lot of people only smoke ice, because they have never done lines, but damn a line just sets it off so much better (imo). It is like here let me rip your fucking face apart and make you cry while getting you high as fuck. (I am sure slammers talk the same way about us who snort the dope) The thing about snorting is you have to be able to really commit to the thing, because that face fuel will make you want to rip your eyeball out, but for me the high last longer and packs a harder punch than smoking it.

    Now hot rails are a nice middle ground between lines and smoking it and I love some hot rails as much as anyone else, but unless I have the perfect piece of glass I get impatient and end up with molten meth in my nose and throat (that is a whole different kind of pain), I have mad respect for people like @pledge4satan being able to have that shit down to a fucking science, a gram hot rail without the glass going cold… Dude you got skills! If I could do it like he does every time I may feel differently, but I can’t, so for me lines are my thing to me the high is worth the pain… Oh that nasty nasty drain, always having a scratchy voice, trying to pretend you ain’t crying after taking that line of glass shards to the brain…

    If you have only rolled a bowl and never done a nice fat line… You should give it a shot one time.

    Just make sure you aren’t trying to impress a date, make sure you have a good 5 minutes before you need to be seen by the day walkers, and if the drain from Cocaine makes you wanna chuck you should probably keep a bucket close, it is worth it

    PS - To those of you who slam it, I believe you, I am sure the high is better, but I am a Fucking pussy, I will stick to the lines, I am not a needle kinda guy…. Unless it is a tattoo needle.

    Happy Tweaker Day!

    Happy Tweaker Day to all the hotel staff that get a free pass on the room the tweakers just checked out of. Yes all the towels have been used, but the beds probably haven’t been slept in, the floor has been picked clean, the trash cans that were full of paraphernalia have been emptied and everything has been wiped down. You may think we are scary when we pass you in the halls, but you love when we check out and you get an easy clean room. You’re welcome!


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    Still going.


    All day every day


    Everyday all day even at work 😂💨💨☁💯


    Texas tweaking


    770 Atl hoe


    If you're a dopehead and you know it, reblog this fuckin' shit

    Yep, sure am


    I am and know it

    Digging the new Yucon Evolve Plus Wax Pen I picked up for $20. This mutha fucker hits like a champ.

    Well found a badass way to smoke in public and this mother fucker works.

    I bought ($20 on eBay) a Yucan Evolve Plus Wax Pen I have been using my self built vape coils and smoking on them for a while but I have been looking for an easier way. Then I saw this and thought I would give it a shot. And it kicks ass.

    Now as you can see I got way fucked up and ended up filling it way too full resulting in frozen in “ice” coils that I had to chisel the fuck out which damaged that coil, but that is the good part it came with a spare and you can clean them, but even better I think the replacement coils are like 5 for $20. If you have been thinking about it but didn’t want to waste the money if it didn’t work, you need to try it.

    Please like this post if you are an active drug blog (who doesn’t post porn or kink spam)

    I would love some new drug blogs to follow, just none of the “who’s up and horny” bullshit pls pls pls

    This stuff has a hint of blue, not the fake ass breaking bad shit, this is some pretty fucking good shit!


    Do whatcha gotta do!

    Sometimes the dope lasts a little longer than it was supposed to, and day 4 turns into day 5 and you need to Adult for a bit, but you can’t function without something to keep you going, and you don’t want to carry an 8 ball of meth around with you all day seeing as you’re spun the fuck out already. Here is a little trick I learned in a pinch(also made it through TSA a few times like this).

    For those who vape, you probably have this stuff already, but here is what you need.

    10 ml of whatever vape juice you like

    ½ cup of water in a microwave safe cup

    1-1.5 grams of glass

    Grind or chop the dope into a fine powder and put in the juice. Take the cup of water and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes. Take the juice bottle and swirl in the water to warm the juice and continue until the dope is completely mixed in the juice(no more fucking floaty shit). If you are a dripper kind of Vape person, make sure to turn your Wattage down to about 60-70 watts, if you are a tank vaper you will be fine. This stuff ain’t going to taste good, and it won’t be like you are rolling a bowl, but it will help you maintain so you can function until you get back home to your dope.. I walked right through LAX TSA with this mix and had no issues, I got pulled over in Mississippi and had the car searched and they actually lifted my vape and looked under it lol…

    If this PSA helps just one person make it through a day, typing this shit was worth it.

    Thanks and enjoy!


    @zealousbailiffdeputytoad this is way I have been mixing it for a couple years, I keep adding more dope till the shit so thick it won't come out the bottle, you can see how dark it gets the longer it ages.

    On a side note I have also melted ice on my coils and it works pretty well also.

    I am still a wannabe shardtist, a master of shard-ography, when in reality I am just a tweaker with a phone that has a decent camera.

    Oh and when I tweak, I turn shit into other shit, like the coffee shit(coffee packs, creamer, you know coffee shit) holder, it is now a my shit holder.

    So glad to see the AZ dope back. Shit got me stuck in the hotel tweakin' and geekin' , twirling and swirling, but got no peeps to chill with this weekend... It's all good though the TV, Laptop, Smartphone and Assholes walking the Halls are keeping me busy.

    And now a little rant?!

    Damn this loud ass lighter, everybody knows!! Fuck this lighter must be defective, it is so goddamn loud... Lol! Can't they make a silent lighter just for Tweakers that think people in the hall, other room, down the street, in the next town, and through the phone can hear?I mean we all know it really isn't that loud but shit, I mean, Come on.

    Thanks for stopping by!





    yo fellow twackjob & twackettes

    tweaker nation roll call!!!!!

    like this post if you run a tweaker-centric blog.

    reblog this post with your area code if you wanna find yaself some twacky pals to get spun with.


    714 this week!


    This song is fucking awesome. Every tweaker needs it in their playlist!

    The Tweaker Song

    by - Richard “Cavern” Daskam


    You can find me tweaking and geeking in the back of a Lincoln with some spragackulars duct taped to my forehead like some fuckin broken speakers, a 4200 watt amp that’s bridged to some blown tweeters while my neighbor’s geekin and Peekin out the peephole like a super tweaker, he comes out the pad all spracked back with a gas mask and a maxi pad attached to a glass flask hanging off the back of his backpack looking all super turbo spraker 2000 ninja hero sweating his ass off while it’s like 4 degrees below zero, he said hey bro don’t you think the neighbors just might know I said nah bro grab the lawn mower and start mowing over the mother fuckin snow. See addicted to hazmatic transactions like mathematical fractions of a whole equation creating a situation at 3 a.m. in the morning no time for yawning I’m building a God damn rocket ship out of a lawn mower, trash can and a mother fuckin toggle switch, see I’m your sprack nificent all around good 4 nothing methamphetamine Marine, your sudafedrin king, the Don Juan of gone wrong, meth breath and no teeth and I’d like to take your daughter out for a bite to eat I promise to have her back by 8 and I guarantee that we won’t be late that’s great but wait did I mention that it is a Guaranteed rape a hundred percent chance of a high-speed chase and a future prison escape oh ya and that have her back by 8 I think that’s shits lovely I’ll have her back by 8 sharp in the year 2000 and fuckin 20 see I’ll promise you one thing since there’s no way to tell what’s going to happen I’ll make sure that she’s safe while pickin her face and jaw jackin so mutha fucka use your car rubucka. This is how it goes all you mother fuckin Tweakers already know this is my life I don’t want to go to sleep I’ll sleep when I die. That’s right that’s right that’s right and this is how it goes all you mother fuckin Tweakers already know this is my life I don’t want to go to sleep I’ll sleep when I die that’s right that’s right. See I’m the king kong of the Cheech and Chong speed bong playing ping pong at the same time smoking a cigarette trying to fix this phone of mine, I know it can’t be right, it can’t even keep the right time all I gotta do is Blink and it says 4 hours have gone by. I’m your all American guy The Neighbourhood role model with the motto of staying awake till you fall asleep at the wheel Full Throttle. You can find me in the restroom of 7-Eleven with an insulin syringe full of ephedrine. Running around downtown all spracked back with 13 felonies in a mother fuckin backpack, coming at you hittin switches in the mobile lab tractor, sitting back laughing throwing MAPP gas containers backwards, and chuckin half empty flask containers at you jump off the back whoop your ass with a spatula and invite you over for dinner afterwards, come on over guys where havin meth in the pipe and the syringe bring all your friends it’s the next best to best next to the four-day binge, not to mention my attention span is about the length of a fuckin duck I’ll start a 1000 different projects and not even finish fuckin one, I’m the getter good and God damn done spun monkey Junkie, haven’t showered in a week and I still think everybody loves me, what the fuck damn your spracked. This is how it goes all you mother fuckin Tweakers already know this is my life I don’t want to go to sleep I’ll sleep when I die. That’s right that’s right, and this is how it goes all you mother fuckin Tweakers already know this is my life I don’t want to go to sleep I’ll sleep when I die, that’s right that’s right.

    See so me and my little brother rolling in a big-ass truck down Federal Boulevard staring at the rear view mirror so God damn hard, about to hit every single fuckin car around me, we’re thinking everybody’s a cop we’re both on the run obscounding I’m about to panic and make a fuckin Daybreak, pull over and buy 13 cans of spray paint in the middle of a snowstorm, these fools ain’t going to follow us no more little brother, we’re about to get this truck a makeover and a new color, watch this I ain’t even playing with this shit, I’m painting everything that I fuckin can including the God damn lift kit, so we come slipping and sliding around the corner pull into a drive-through car wash and start painting faster than pisas running across the border, so keep in mind that it still snowing on us and I’m talking inches per second and were in some tweaked-out Olympic race trying to break some sort of a record, so where paintin and Shakin the snow flake paint making a mess, but the trucks a different color little brother we can roll home with no stress ….what the fuck God damn tweaking balls.


    I love this! Tweaker National Athem! Turn that fucker up and sing it loud and proud!


    Today this is fitting…


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    I need more to follow preferably ones without porn or at least minimal porn.


    Dope porn I want to know what it is like to get sucked off while shooting ice cream


    I have always wanted to be sitting on a guys sick as I shot up