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    Thank you all for your kind words and feedback. However, I think I’m going to hold off posting pics for a while. It’s a little work along with a modest monthly cost creating “original” pics on here. I’m aware once content is posted it’s fair game, but seeing them on other blogs as “their own” kinda rubs me the wrong way. Anyway, have a safe 4th everyone....Cheers


    Thanks all the all the feedback, mostly privately....k...fuck it I’ll just keep er’ goin and hopefully get some maturemen lovers to shoot their spunk... 🍻

    Thank you all for your kind words and feedback. However, I think I’m going to hold off posting pics for a while. It’s a little work along with a modest monthly cost creating “original” pics on here. I’m aware once content is posted it’s fair game, but seeing them on other blogs as “their own” kinda rubs me the wrong way. Anyway, have a safe 4th everyone....Cheers

    'He Called It Jumbo'

    Featuring Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th U. S. President

    My name is Jake, and this is my story and confession. Back in 1962, I was a young White House aide during the Kennedy administration. I was fresh out of college and had been working there for the past 8 months. Of course, on November 22, 1963, Kennedy was assassinated and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded him. In becoming president, he became fabled for a Rabelaisian earthiness.

    For starters, Lyndon took great pride in his penis, nicknaming it ‘Jumbo’ and often whipping it out in public. To add insult to injury, he would ask people if they’d ‘ever seen anything bigger than this.’ Also it was not uncommon for the oval office to be full of people and for LBJ to step in the bathroom and leave the door open so everyone could be impressed as he took a whiz. Everybody, even women got a glancing acquaintance with the President’s privates, which he was forever prodding and redistributing through his pants.

    At the same time, he would oblige aides to take dictation standing in the door of his office bathroom while he went about emptying his bowels, as if in some alpha-male ritual assertion of his primacy. My favorite Johnson story involves a cabinet meeting where he was asked why we were in Vietnam. Pulling  out his penis, LBJ roared, “This is why!” 

    One cannot imagine another President doing the same thing. Or, with his back to them, he would dig out his wedgies and scratch his butt in the same dramatic way. When swapping tales of his womanizing, he would often brag about the size of his penis, saying things like “Old Jumbo sure got a workout last night.”

    It was about 2 months in his administration and I hadn’t personally witness any of this until one day I had to take a piss. So I headed to the nearest bathroom and to my surprise there was president Johnson standing at one of the two urinals. Here we go again, I thought as I walked up to the urinal next to him. As I approached, he turned his head in my direction and asked, “How’s your day son.”  

    I hadn’t realized before just how tall big the old man was until I was standing near him. He was 6'4" and lanky impeccably dressed: tailored suits, hair slicked back with his “LBJ” cuff links glistening in the light. I was so nervous that if he hadn’t of smiled at that moment I think I would have run out of the bathroom. But his smile light up his face and almost made him look handsome in a homely way.

    Fine and you Mr. President?” I asked.

    Great. Just great.” He said and glanced down at his dick, which he was holding in his hand as he finished pissing.

    I couldn’t help but follow his glance and found out for myself, LBJ indeed had a whopper. I found myself staring at the biggest cocks I had ever seen in person. He was uncut, thick, but the length - easily more than 6" completely flaccid - was breathtaking. The tapestry of veins that riddled the beige shaft faded as they neared the end, and then came the outline of the glans against the foreskin, a foreskin that seemed incredibly long as it puckered up at the end.

    I don’t know how long I stared at Grant’s cock. I think it was both not long enough or too long, because while in a perfect world I could have just sat there and stared, the sight had an effect on me that made me glad I had a towel covering my excitement, for the moment. The President glanced up quickly and caught me looking at his dick.

    Have you ever seen anything as big as this?” He hooted, smiling shaking it in almost a brandishing manner.

    Yea” I mumbled as I stepped closer to him, stared intently at his thick soft dick which he seem to enjoy.

    President Johnson was not modest and had no reason to be. He was practically begging me to look at him, and if I had turned my head or simply said I had to leave, that would have been the end of it, but I couldn’t. I started to I wonder if he ever let a man suck on his huge prick? I hope so as I was thinking that maybe I could turn this into a chance to service his legendary cock. I’m sure old Lyndon would’ve fallen squarely into the “a warm mouth is a warm mouth” camp. So I started to feed that all ready big ego of his.

    Wow, I bet your wife loves to get some of that.” I said as I glanced from his thick soft dick up to his stern face.

    Hell yea!” The old man said in a thundering voice.

    She can barely take half of it.” He answered without making an effort to put his cock away.

    As he spoke, I couldn’t stop myself from stepping closer to him and slowly moving my face toward his crotch. I expected him to stop me at any second, but was loving the moment anyway. And sure enough when my lips came within an inch of his big limp foreskin draped dick he suddenly jerked back slightly.

    What are you doing?” He demanded. “Hell, I’m no queer.”

    I glanced up into his brown eyes.

    Let me suck it.” I said.

    The president stared down at me without answering, as though he was thinking over my request.

    Please.” I said, trembling with excitement.

    I ain’t no queer.” He repeated, but this time his voice was soft and carried a sexual charge. And he reached down at grabbed his thick dick and pulled the foreskin back over the huge head of his dick.

    You want my cock huh.” He said with a hint of pride in his voice. “A big cock for an old man, isn’t it?”

    Huge!” I told him.

    Just let me kiss it.” I pleaded as I leaned forward.

    I expected the old man to protest but as my lips moved closer and closer to his huge dick head he held his position. Then my moist lips touched the big head of his dick. The old man moaned. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and managed somehow to take his big dick head entirely inside my mouth.

    Oh! GOD!” He exclaimed when I started sucking gently on the head of his dick.

    Hell, that feels wonderful.” He added as he suddenly reached down and grabbed me behind the head. Then he was suddenly pulling my face toward his crotch and forcing his monster, swelling dick down my throat.

    Take it. You wanted it. Now take that whole damn thing!” He said in an almost angry voice.

    I had no choice. It was swallow Jumbo or choke. But my desire to please the president that cause me to a swallow a dick bigger than I had ever been able to handle before. Somehow I managed to take inch after inch of his thick dick down my throat until I had all 12 inches in my mouth. He held my face to his crotch until I gagged before he pulled my head back. Then he started moving my mouth up and down his thick dick shaft as he fucked my mouth like he was fucking his wife’s or one of his many conquest’s pussy. I took his dick and made love to it with my tongue as president Johnson repeatedly shoved it down my throat and pulled it quickly back out.

    Damn, this is hot! Shit your mouth is better than a pussy.” The old man called out excitedly as he fucked my mouth faster and faster. “Get ready. I’m going to unload! Damn! Here it comes!”

    Then suddenly President Johnson pulled his dick out of my mouth and shot his huge load onto my face as he held my head in front of his squirting dick. His load of cum was dripping down my chin when he released me and stepped back. I quickly jumped up, grabbed my dick and started to jacking it as fast as I could while he stood there and watched me.

    I expected him to turn away but he didn’t. He stood his ground and watched as I pumped my dick with my hand. Knowing that I had the president watching, filled me with such excitement that I quickly shot off on the tile floor of the bathroom. Then with him still watching, I wiped his cum off my face then licked my palm clean. And all the while the old man stood there watching. I knew then Lyndon Baines Johnson was officially an old, kinky, motherfucker.

    What followed was a brief awkward moment as we quickly cleaned up at the sink.

    I need to get going before the secret service comes looking for me.“ He informed me.

    But I can’t be seen walking out with you. Let me go first.” He added.

    Yea, sure.” I said hanging back as he headed for the door.

    I interacted with President Johnson again that day and he just acted as though nothing had happened. But it wouldn’t be the last time I would see ol Jumbo.