Now this is a bit long but every word is true. I love it.

    I am calling you sluts because that is the first thing you have to understand. If you want to do what you are meant to do then you can’t think of yourself as girlfriend, wife, lover. When a man looks down at you and sees you with a cock in your mouth, he sees a slut. You are a slut.


    Don’t listen to advice that tells you blowjobs are intimate or loving. Blowjobs are not even about physical pleasure. Fucking your mouth feels good for a man but so does fucking your other holes. The reason men like to fuck your face is the same reason they like to fuck your ass: because it degrades you. When a man makes you gag on his cock, it’s not an accident. He wants you to suffer. A man does not cum in your mouth because it feels good. Cumming feels the same everywhere. He cums in your mouth because he wants you to taste his cum. Men like to watch women gag on dildos. The dildo doesn’t feel anything. Men just like to see women humiliated. That’s also why they like to cum on a woman’s face. To mark her as a slut.

    Do you understand that? That’s you.


    Don’t complain if deepthroating his cock makes you gag. Don’t complain if he cums in your mouth. Don’t complain if he cums on your face. Don’t complain if he slaps you. Don’t complain if you don’t like the taste of his cock. Don’t complain if he fucks your throat so hard that you vomit. Don’t complain if you can’t breathe. Don’t complain if he doesn’t stop when you want him to.

    Remember: if you feel like crying, you’re doing it right.


    You’re here to get fucked. That means his cock will go into your throat, not just your mouth. You have three important holes: your mouth, your pussy and your asshole. Your mouth shouldn’t get fucked less deeply than the other two.

    You’re not here just to lick his cock. The reason you may have to lick his cock is so that you can get its taste in your mouth. If a man asks you to lick his cock, he wants you to really fill your mouth with the taste of penis so that you know you’re a slut. But that’s just a detail. You’re here to get facefucked.

    Getting facefucked can be active or passive. Either he fucks your throat with his cock, his fingers or a dildo. Or you do it yourself. In both cases you have no control. You don’t set the rhythm. You don’t take breaks unless told to. You never use your hands unless he says so. You just open your mouth and take his cock as deep as it goes. Not “as deep as you can”! Your lower lip should touch his balls. If he holds you down, don’t struggle. Remember: you’re a slut. He knows you don’t like it. That’s why he’s doing it.


    If he cums in your mouth, you will always swallow his cum. The only reason you would ever spit out some cum is if he tells you to, for example if you’re supposed to wear it on your tits or spit it into the mouth of another girl.

    You should never take cum down the back of your throat. If you do that, you won’t taste it. Always draw back enough to let him cum into the front of your mouth, onto your tongue. He wants you to know that taste. He wants you to know what you’ve done. You’ve taken a man’s semen into your mouth like a whore. He may ask you to show him his cum on your tongue, to remind you of your position. Never swallow immediately.


    Sometimes a man will cum on other parts of your body, such as your face, your tits, your pussy or your ass. He may take a photo of you in this humiliated position. Two things may now happen: you will have to keep the cum where it is, or you will eat it. Wiping it off is not an option. Don’t even think about it. If he doesn’t tell you to walk around for the rest of the day with cum on you, then as soon as he is satisfied with seeing you like this, you will take the cum with your hands and put it in your mouth. If you have large enough breasts, lick the cum off them with your tongue. Even after that, do not wash yourself or rinse your mouth unless he tells you to. A good blowjob can continue to humiliate you with the smell and taste for hours. He may fuck your throat again multiple times until you are a complete mess, or send you out of the house to humiliate you in public. This is part of what it means to be a woman who sucks cock.

    There are other situations where you should swallow cum. If a man fucks you, he may cum inside you or into a condom. In the first case, stuff several fingers into yourself (at least two) and put the cum in your mouth. The fact that you are tasting your own pussy or ass will make it better for him. Also remember to clean off his cock. In this case licking can be good, because he wants you to taste it.

    If he came into a condom, you should invert the condom into your mouth. He may also do this for you. Condoms are also an easy way of filling up a bra with cum so you can wear it for the rest of the day. Once the condom is mostly empty, put it into your mouth and lick it clean. Don’t take it out until he tells you to. Condoms can taste very bad. Your suffering will please him.


    While you are sucking cock, there is no reason not to use the rest of your body to improve the experience for him. You have a lot of options.

    If your hands are free, you should use them on yourself. You can play with your tits or finger your pussy or asshole. Don’t try to pleasure yourself, just penetrate yourself deeply. If he momentarily stops fucking your throat, stick those same fingers into your mouth and keep going. There is no reason for you not to be gagging.

    Dildos and buttplugs are also useful. If your position allows it, they can also free your hands so that you can have your holes fucked and still play with your tits. Bottles (beer, shampoo) can be used as well.

    Clamping your nipples during a blowjob isn’t always a good idea, as he may want to play with them himself, but the bouncing caused by your throat being fucked will make the clamps hurt you more. It will be uncomfortable for you and look very good for him.


    You should start learning how to humiliate yourself without a cock. A dildo can do a very good job of degrading you. You can use a dildo to show your man what a slut you are by gagging on it nonstop for a long time. Since the dildo will never cum, you can keep gagging on it until he tells you to stop. This can mean ten minutes or three hours. To make it better, use the dildo on all of your holes. He will appreciate your facial expression as you gag on your own pussy juices. Not being wet is not an excuse.

    A man can also use a dildo to fuck your throat. Such throatfucks are usually some of the roughest you can experience. Now the man is not getting any pleasure at all. He is only doing this to hurt you. Keep your hands busy and away from your mouth.

    Other objects can also be used to fuck your throat. Bottles are a popular choice and easily available. If your bed has a bedpost, gag on it before and after fucking it. Men enjoy seeing women using inanimate objects from their environment as sex toys. They know that after an object has been used to degrade or hurt you, you will never look at it the same way again. They want everything around you to remind you of the slutty things you’ve done.


    Your panties are an important part of you as a woman. They express who you are and how you deserve to be used.

    When sucking a man’s cock, always wear a thong or G-string. They can come in very handy.

    In many positions a man can use your thong to hurt your pussy by pulling on it as he fucks your throat. It also makes your ass look slutty, like it should. Wear tight thongs that split your pussy lips. If they are slightly painful to wear, they are the right size.

    Your panties can be put into your mouth before, after and even during a blowjob. They can also be stuffed into your pussy to increase your discomfort as you suck. If nothing else is happening to your pussy, you should always do this yourself. When he’s done fucking your throat, you can take them out and put them into your mouth as a sign of how much of a whore you are.

    Panties can also be used to wipe cum off your body so it can go where it belongs: your mouth.


    If you follow the rules, it’s possible that you will throw up while being throatfucked. This is not a reason to stop sucking or to complain. Most men aren’t turned on by the vomit but by your humiliation. Keep taking the cock as hard as before, just remember to clean up your mess after you’re done like a good girl.


    Suck his cock after he’s just pissed. You’ll have to get used to the taste anyway. Begin by licking the drops of piss off his cock with your tongue.

    Suck his cock after he’s fucked another woman. Maybe one of your friends, or your sister.

    Always use the same panties to wipe off the cum and put it in your mouth. Never wash them. Every time you use them will be more disgusting for you and more exciting for him.

    Try taking his cock and a dildo into your throat at the same time.

    Sleep at night with a dildo or buttplug in your mouth.

    Suck cock in public.

    Film yourself sucking cock, then suck him while watching a video of yourself gagging and crying.

    Talk to your girlfriends about cocksucking.

    Throatfuck yourself with a dildo in public.

    Come up with new ideas! You’re a slut, act like one.


    Love this!


    I would obey these directions and fully appreciate the honesty.


    tres vrai



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