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last night I dreamt I was being smothered to death by a giant ladybug
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2020-07-10 15:10:43

    Just found out that this great, period short based on a novel (Mr. Malcolm's List) will be getting a movie version as well! Starring Sope Dirisu in the titular role of Mr. Malcolm, with Constance Wu replacing Gemma Chan as Julia, Freida Pinto reprising her role of Selina, Oliver Jackson-Cohen reprising his role as lord Cassidy and adding Outlander’s Sam Heughan to the incredible cast, who is set to portray Henry! I adore Gemma Chan, so I’m a little sad that she’s no longer set to star, but Constance Wu is great in her own right!

    Directed by Emma Holly Jones and written by Suzanne Allain and based on her script and novel of the same name, Mr. Malcolm’s List is set in early 1800s England and follows a young lady (Gemma Chan) engaging in courtship with a mysterious and wealthy suitor, Mr. Malcolm, unaware of his unattainable list of demands for his future wife. 

    source: Little Black Book

    I was in the dream scene of Rango (the 2011 animated western-comedy about a chameleon who arrives to a town in need of a new sheriff, starring Johnny Depp), but instead of Mr. Timms it was the giant baby head from Phineas and Ferb, and instead of asking, “Where are your friends now, amigo,” it started chanting the lyrics to Mr. Blue Sky in Morgan Freeman's voice but with a heavy German accent.

    Markiplier made a movie six years ago about little cartoon characters living in his immune system that could talk to him, which was apparently based on an old animation series he made, and I had to watch it for a school assignment. Later on, I met Markiplier and Jacksepticeye hanging out at the front desk of my school, and I was about to ask Mark which last name Yang from RWBY would prefer if she married Blake, but class started and I had to leave.

    I was in the Christmas movie, Jingle All The Way. Apparently I was an assassin who killed evil people, and I was sent to assassinate Danny DeVito's drug lord grandmother. I broke into their home through the chimney, and was sneaking around until I accidentally ran into Danny DeVito's character. I was stuck. I couldn't get away. He was chill and invited me to eat milk and cookies. We talked about Christmas lights and then I woke up.

    Danny DeVito is quite literally the man of my dreams.