EMPTY BLOGS WILL BE BLOCKED!!!! Now that that is out of the way...a side blog focusing mainly on bondage and restraint with a peppering of power exchange thrown in for taste.i became facinated with bondage years before puberty from watching cartoons and reading comics and it has grown with me through the years. Nothing is owned by me, If there is an issue with credit or copyright just message me to remedy it. Again, empty blogs that have no header or icon, blogs with only reblogs with captions advertising porn sites, Findom blogs (stop messaging me, i am not a sissy looking for a Mistress) and blogs that promote ideologies i find repulsive will be blocked .

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2020-07-06 20:46:15


    Gosh would LOVE to be in that latex suit πŸ˜πŸ–€ looking like its an armless little play doll, faceless and unable to help whats done to it 😈

    always a reblog… just simply a totally wrapped, held, and helpless bondage thing now, losing track of everything else… gahhh…  :o

    This is so erotic! I would love to be placed in this outfit.