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2014-12-16 02:33:15

    do you want to see a vid of me getting seeded by a homeless man?

    definitely...would love to see that...i'm getting seeded and slammed regularly by a guy who was living on the street because of mental illness...and figures the fucker likes rough sex

    Coming Out on Christmas Day

    I intend to drop a bomb, On my dear old dad and mom. For this year, without a doubt, Is the Christmas I come out. First I’ll get their full attention. Then I’ll drop a subtle mention "Lovely tree, and by the way, Some of my closest friends are gay.” That should do the job OK, When I come out on Christmas Day. Oh say can you see it now? Watch my parents have a cow. Or perhaps, if fate is kind, They’ll insist that they don’t mind. Then they’ll say “We always guessed, After all, look how you’re dressed. Seven earrings in each ear? We’re not quite that dense, my dear.” They’ll be talking, anyway, When I come out on Christmas Day. Coming out to everyone Makes the winter doldrums fun. It’s a noble thing to do. Why don’t you come on out too? Make a choice, damn consequence. Lift your voice, get off the fence. Shout it from the highest roof Gay is great, and you’re the proof. Make this Christmas bright and gay. Come on out on Christmas Day.