It had been a very long time since her daughter had gone over mom’s lap and it was showing. Her daughter’s behavior was getting worse and she really showed how much of a brat she had become at the store today. Mom was not going to be embarrassed like that in public again and to make sure of that mom was really blistering her daughter’s bottom with the hairbrush. Her daughter was crying like a baby but that didn’t mean it was the end of the spanking. There was a lot of time to make up for and mom was going to make sure she had a well behaved little girl after this spanking.

    red ridding hood - my take on this classic fairytale - do not take it seriously, please …. i was drinking beer when I drafted this sketch :) interesting beer, though :)

    nieco z rozpravkovej krajiny - cervena ciapocka uctuje s vlkom po svojom…..neberte to moc seriozne, pil som nejake divne pivo, ked som toto kreslil :) …..tak ma napada, ze si tam na pivo zajdem aj nabuduce, ked budem kreslit Snehulienku a sedem vypraskov :)


    ..new george j churchward coming to showcase…


    Another mother introduces *regression* into bringing *law and order* back into the home, with the addition of *real* discipline and consequences.

    Her twenty something year old daughter, has little to say that is effectually convincing that will alter the process. 

    Especially arguing that she is “too big to be spanked”, dressed to appear like a little girl [about to receive an over the knee, *panties down*, Spanking].  


    A very frequent bedtime scenario for me as a young “wilful girl” as my mother would say !

    Karen xx


    This was the way my mother started a bedtime “smacked bottom” .... it finished with me crying my eyes out, having a very hot & sore bottom after mum had “finished my smacked bottom off” by administering “THE” slipper. - Karen xx