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    Constant Reminders of Chastity

    So he’s in Chastity, but does he know why? 

    He may think this was his idea, but remind him that it isn’t anymore. 

    Let him know how much you are becoming accustomed to having the key and how you are enjoying the benefits.

    Make a habit of reminding him that you prefer to keep him in chastity since you discovered your love for oral sex and pegging…and in turn means that he shouldn’t have any use for his little penis anymore. 

    Tell him that it’s also better to have his useless penis locked up since his penis is so small and insufficient.

    Remind him that he’s the one that started it and wanted it, but he should’ve been ‘careful what he wished for’.

    The point here is to make a list of reasons why you keep him in chastity and to constantly tease and remind him of them.

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    Ideas for Dominating the Male

    1. Must use "Mistress", Madame", or "Ma'am" at all times. 2. Handcuffed to the shopping cart, while shopping. 3. Handcuffed or tied to a pole outside store. (waiting for Mistress) 4. Handcuffed, hands in front or back, while shopping. 5. Metal cock rings, collars, chains, or leashes when going through airport security. 6. Having him get a good tan while wearing a bra, for later exposure at the beach or while washing the car without a shirt. 7. When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed by the Mistress; using your non- dominant hand, no utensils. 8. Forbidden to speak in public. 9. Kneeling and kissing her boots, shoes, feet, or hands, at odd moments. 10. Kneeling, massaging her feet at the mall. 11. One arm tied or cuffed under your shirt. Or cuffed obviously behind you. 12. Pockets cut out of pants, and hands tied or cuffed to your thighs so you can't remove them from the pockets. 13. Binding your cock inside your pants with the string or rope end available to tug on. 14. Wearing a vibrating butt plug, with the controls in your pocket or available for her use. [still dreaming of a source for a remote control plug ;} A Vibrating Beeper was recently suggested] 15. Your right [left?] hand is tied to your cock and balls through a hole in your pocket. Might look like you are playing with yourself. 16. Being forced to masturbate beneath the table cloth while at a restaurant. 17. You both are sitting in a restaurant, dressed completely normal. She hands you a bag of 'stuff' and tells you to go to the restroom and change. You worry that everyone who enters will know what you are doing. 18. You are sitting drinking a beer or apple juice. When the glass is empty, she orders you to take it to the men's room and fill it up. You must return and then consume your "new" beverage with your meal. 19. You must take your beverage to the men's room, masturbate, and cum in the glass/cup. Return and then consume it, This would also work with the special sauce from that famous place. 20. You have to take your panties or underpants off, return to the table and hand them to her. She leaves them on the table in plain view. 21.On a special evening, as you travel around in a rented limousine, you are required to masturbate, trying not to be seen by the driver. 22. You are required to masturbate in your panties and continue wearing them, disregarding any spots that may appear. 23. You are diapered, taken out to a restaurant or bar and have to consume a large quantity of liquid, and are not allowed to use the restroom. 24. Traveling by car naked or dressed in lingerie. 25. You are obviously hand cuffed to the car as you travel, or are parked waiting for her to finish shopping. A key can be attached to a thread for emergency purposes. 26. Wearing lipstick or make up so that it appears you have just tried to remove it, but missed some. 27. Have your picture taken in Santa's lap at Christmas time. 28. She hands the controls of your vibrating plug, dildo to another person. 29. Having to show another person what you are wearing beneath the raincoat or cape. 30. Shining her boots at the mall. 31. She spanks you. 32. She slaps you. 33. You have to kiss the ground whenever you leave a car. 34. You kiss the seat of her chair whenever she stands. 35. Ordering warm milk, or some other almost impossible item, claiming dietary need. 36. You have to eat a bite of something that has had an ash flicked on it. 37. You are taken on a nature walk, tied to a tree, for a quickie spanking. 38. One hand is cuffed to the chair or table when you are eating. 39.At a cocktail lounge, you have to sit at the bar next to the serving station and you are cuffed to the rail. 40. You are instructed to eat a meal alone, reading a copy of Domination Directory International, other Dominatrix publication, or a transvestite magazine. 41.Smoking long, obviously feminine cigarettes. 42. In a parking lot or similar location, just before you will be safely hidden from spectators, she has you pause and wet yourself. You have to walk the last few yards with wet clothes. 43. On your 'x' anniversary, you renew your wedding vows, this time _you_ are dressed as the bride. 44. When you travel alone, you are required to leave lingerie or stockings drying in the bathroom. 45.You are instructed to buy a Halloween maid's costume. Whenever you travel you must leave it hanging in the hotel room along with your regular clothing. Leaving a pair of high heels out would work too. 46. Tape rough felt or very fine sandpaper inside a shirt over the nipples. Effect should be stimulation, not damage. 47.Reciting all your rules in front of others, at her whim. 48. Temporary "slave" tattoos or other markings, hidden or not. 49. Always walking a foot or two behind her. Speeding up to open doors. 50. She pays for everything, with possible comments like "Oh I never allow him to carry money!" 51. If no seats are available, puts you on all fours and sits on your back. 52. Doing some of the "hidden" little things like plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, in the church of her/your choice. 53. Keeping your legs shaved. 54. Keeping the genitals shaved. 55. Having ribbons/bows braided into the genital hair. 56. Carrying a doll around, brushing its hair, playing with it. 57. When dining out, sub is not allowed to order, is fed little bites from her plate. 58. While she is sitting on a chair, you sit on pool deck beside her, even though there are chairs available next to you. 59. Wear a cock ring with a very long, strong, almost invisible thread attached. She can pull on this anytime. Use it like a leash.

    Male Chastity: Better Oral Sex for Women

    One of the happiest uses dominant women find for enforced male chastity is the increase in quantity and quality of their orgasm once male sexual self-expression is curbed or proscribed.

    Sexual denial leaves a man restless and needing a fresh outlet for his unspent energies. Mistresses and teach their submissive males that more talented and enduring performances of cunnilingus and analingus are necessary precedents to any possible future male ejaculation.

    Novice keyholders may feel that total and permanent orgasm denial is the best means of insuring the submale’s enhanced sexual performance. More experienced believe that periodic release will maintain the male’s zest for oral servitude. A quarterly or semiannual orgasms are common schedules. Each Mistress what keeps her sex slave working hard for her pleasure.

    Rules for Male Orgasm Denial

    Orgasm Denial Rule #1 – Your Mistress Owner owns every part of you.

    SHE is entitled to determine when and how your body is used. Your Mistress Owner therefore has the right to secure your genitals in any sort of chastity device of HER choosing whenever SHE wishes and for whatever period SHE desires.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #2 – Your Mistress Owner does not require any reason or justification to lock you in a chastity device.

    That SHE wants to, is sufficient reason. Whether you do or don’t want his to is irrelevant. You gave HER the right to make the choice for you.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #3 – Do not tamper with the device.

    You may not attempt to remove or circumvent any device with which you Mistress Owner fits you. You are obliged to co-operate with your Mistress Owner in the fitting of the device, help HER in the securing of your genitals and draw HER attention to any shortcomings in the functioning of the device so that SHE may ensure that it performs as SHE intends. An attempt to remove the device will and should be harshly punished.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #4 – You must keep yourself clean.

    You must keep yourself clean and well cared for so that the wearing of the device is not impeded on health grounds and you can continue to be locked up for as long as SHE wants. This includes submitting to prostate milking to keep you clean internally.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #5 – Your Mistress Owner has locked you for a reason.

    Your Mistress Owner has locked up your genitals to deprive you of the ability to play with yourself, attain erection or orgasm. They are no longer for your pleasure: they are for HER pleasure and enjoyment. Your wants and needs are no longer relevant.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #6 – Inform your Mistress Owner.

    You are obliged to keep your Mistress Owner informed of your experiences in wearing your device. You should look at and touch the locked-up area regularly to remind yourself of all she has taken out of your power. Let HER know how that makes you feel. SHE enjoys hearing about your suffering. If SHE does not, you will soon be fitted with a gag to stop your whining.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #7 – Humiliation is part of the experience.

    Your Mistress Owner is entitled to tease you about your lack of ability to attain an erection or gain any satisfaction. SHE has taken it away from you and wants to enjoy his power over you. SHE can get satisfaction whenever SHE wants: you can’t. Your duties include giving HER such pleasure.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #8 – Privacy is of no concern.

    SHE finds your denial entertaining. You are not entitled to have your neutered status kept secret. SHE may decide to inform your friends, boss, or family as SHE sees fit, or just random strangers in the street. If SHE wants to show off your condition, SHE can and will.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #9 – You exist for HER pleasure.

    Your Mistress Owner is entitled to stimulate you by exposure to erotic material, direct contact or otherwise so that SHE can enjoy the fact you gain only discomfort, not pleasure from it. You will never touch your penis again, from now you will be bound with your arms behind your back whenever you are unlocked for cleaning or to shave off the pubic hair.

    You will already be shaving the rest of your hair off on your own, SHE does not want to waste HER time shaving the rest of you this is your responsibility, Fail to keep up with this duty satisfactorily will result in the loss of your eyebrows on a 1st offense and a following offense will result in a loss of all hair anywhere. Fail a 3rd time and this status will be made permanent.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #10 – All orgasms are ruined.

    You will never enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm again. All orgasms will be ruined. You will be milked and drained and drink your own ejaculate. SHE humiliates you to remind you of your inferiority.

    Orgasm Denial Rule #11 – Appreciate Your Good Fortune.

    You should take pleasure in the fact that your Mistress Owner takes the time to control the use of HER property and happy that it gives HER some amusement. You should always thank HER for securing you in chastity and let HER know how grateful you are that your penis is confined and under HER control. You should always give thanks, if SHE decides to extend your time in chastity and beg HER to keep your penis imprisoned.

    Men Love Orgasm Denial & Chastity – Why?

    While there are certainly women who enjoy enforcing orgasm denial on men. But is the supposedly submissive male who seems addicted to being kept chaste. Who push it, won’t shut up about and often demand it.

    Below a few speculations about the wellsprings and motivation that make men crave to be forbidden orgasms.

    Male Chastity 1 : Erotic Play

    Boosting the intensity of sexual experiences is probably the most common motivation to male chastity as erotic play. Postponing sex results in a more passionate, intense experience when the period of denial ends.

    For the woman to tease the male enhances the intensity.

    Male Chastity 2 : Power Exchange

    Male orgasm denial is an intimate and direct mode of exerting authority for the dominant partner. Male chastity is a very pure and simple way to exercise the D/s dynamic. Submitting allows the submissive male the pleasure of his role.

    Male Chastity 3 : Manliness

    Needing for your sexuality to be controlled is a confirmation of virility. Lustfulness can be seen as strong and macho. This is not unlike affectionately calling a female slutty.

    Male Chastity 4 : Sexual Guilt

    Some men feel guilty about their sexual desires and needs.Perhaps even guilty for being male. They may have been raised to regard sexuality as sinful. And women as pure. This perhaps is the mindset most likely to lead to belief in female supremacy.

    Male Chastity 5 : Gender Dysphoria

    Gender identity dysphoria surely motivates some genetic males’ desire to be made chaste. Their penises feel unnatural, even ‘bad.’ Denial – along with sissyfication – enables them to come closer to being who they feel they really are.

    Male Chastity 6 : Misbehavior

    Part of the lore ( – assortment of urban legends? – ) of enforced orgasm denial is that the male becomes less attentive, helpful, perhaps becomes a downright shit once allowed an orgasm. How many times have I read this online? Countless. Examples from real life? None.

    I’m not saying some men don’t experience some sort of psychic droop post-orgasm: that is biochemistry, not misbehavior.

    But a man whose behavior substantially changes, becomes markedly unhelpful after having is either someone a woman shouldn’t be deeply involved with or who wants to be put back in his CB-6000.

    A sort of invisible topping from the bottom. He – probably unconsciously – wants to return to a submissive, controlled status. So he insures that he deserves to have his cock locked back up.

    And you never, ever know how much people say online applied to life as it is actually lived offline.

    Male Chastity 7 : Bondage

    Submissive straight men, by their very nature, desire and need to feel under the thumb ( – heel – ) of a dominant woman. To be subdued by her. Often – on some level – helpless.

    That is the root of the general appeal of bondage for all submissive persons. Physical limitation can be a satisfyingly unambiguous experience of a top’s control.

    The Chastity Cage aside from the obvious purpose of male orgasm regulation is a bondage device, albeit a very specialized one. It is bondage a man can experience when away from a dominant, even in public without embarrassment. Instances of thwarted erections are frustrating yet joyous highpoints of his submission.

    A male chastity device is a tangible symbol of the power exchange.

    Male Chastity Agreement

    This Agreement between husband and Wife covers the terms of the training of husband by his Wife to the optimal level of utilitarian and intimate service, as judged by the Wife.  The Wife may use any and all means of enforcement as described herein necessary to achieve the results she desires. It is the intention of both parties that the husband shall become the sex slave of Wife for the term of this Agreement, to be formally trained to serve her, and that the Wife commits to firmly and consistently using whatever force may be necessary to accomplish this goal.


  • Husband admits that he had difficulty staying focused and completing tasks that he knows he should complete.
  • Husband admits he has not provided Wife with the affection, support, love, and deference she deserves and wishes to be trained to treat her as the superior She is.
  • To remedy past faults and any other faults Wife identifies, husband desires to submit to his Wife’s authority and desires to give his Wife all tools necessary to forcefully correct his behavior and train him to serve the Wife as she sees fit. Training tools at her disposal specifically include, but are not limited to, orgasm denial, humiliation, restraint, and corporal punishment.
  • Husband acknowledges that Wife undertakes the duties and role herein described at husband’s insistence and that Wife did not compel or coerce husband’s participation.
  • Husband acknowledges that the purpose of this Agreement is to provide complete satisfaction to the Wife and that she shall have no responsibility for husband’s satisfaction.
  • In consideration of husband’s commitment to be trained, Wife commits to physically discipline husband to compel his specific performance under this Agreement.
  • Wife is willing to undertake the training and discipline of husband as described herein and enthusiastically administer whatever discipline is necessary to train husband.
  • Husband wishes to be trained and disciplined by Wife according to this Agreement.
  • Term

    The term of this Agreement shall be for one year.  If the Agreement is not cancelled by either party at the end of the first year, it shall become permanent.

    Signing Bonus

    In consideration of Wife’s execution of this agreement to train husband as specified in this Agreement, husband will pay Wife $500 at the time of signing and $59 per month thereafter, payable at the beginning of every fourth weekly discipline session (see below).

    Chastity Device

    Husband will wear a locked chastity device acceptable to Wife at all times, except as provided herein.  If requested by Wife, husband will acquaint Wife with the various models and types and agrees to obtain and be restrained in any device specified by Wife.

    Numbers shown below represent the Minimum Punishment Penalties which accrue during the week for specific infractions.  One MPP = 1 stroke of the whip. MPPs earned during the week must be worked off during that week’s punishment session.  Each week, husband automatically accrues 10 MPPs simply because he is Wife’s trainee.


  • Husband is responsible for daily cleaning of device.
  • Husband will notify the Wife immediately of any concerns regarding function or cleanliness of device.
  • The Wife will supervise at least one removal of device in a seven-day period for cleaning and shaving.
  • Husband agrees to all terms of release as set forth by Wife, including restraints if deemed necessary.
  • Husband agrees that during release for cleaning he will shave accordingly to keep genital area free from hair. 10
  • Husband agrees that he will immediately re-secure device after all cleanings unless specifically ordered not to by Wife. 20
  • Both parties acknowledge that a release from device may be permitted for medical or extreme discomfort issues. However during such release no sexual releases are permitted and husband agrees once medical condition is rectified immediate return of the device will commence without delay.
  • Keys

  • Wife will retain all keys to said device and all other devices, locks, restraints.
  • Husband will not attempt to defeat the device in any way or possess any keys.
  • Wife will make one emergency key available to Husband for use in medical emergency, doctor appointments, and any other situation in which excessive bodily harm may be present to Husband.
  • Husband agrees that in such emergency he will notify Wife immediately and that no sexual release is permitted. If self-release is attempted and/or carried out, punishment as outlined in the contract will be applied.
  • Husband agrees that once medical condition has been rectified Husband will re-secure device immediately and notify Wife of said action. 10
  • Sexual Release

  • Husband shall have no sexual release without the explicit permission of Wife. 20
  • Wife agrees that husband will be entitled to at least three releases in any sixty-day period, provided his service meets the requirements set by Wife. Releases will be for a period of no less than 8 hours but no more than 24 hours.
  • Wife is given sole discretion of how releases will be carried out.
  • Husband acknowledges and agrees that Wife has certain sexual needs that may need fulfilled and such releases for Wife do not constitute a release for Husband.
  • Husband agrees to immediately and enthusiastically satisfy Wife by any and all means Wife requests for sexual and sensual gratification. 10
  • Husband agrees that sexual releases may be accompanied by being restrained as determined by Wife.
  • Husband agrees that Wife may release husband for the means of sexual play but that no orgasm is permitted unless Wife specifically permits one.
  • Husband must always ask for permission to ejaculate. 20
  • Husband agrees to use any sexual aids such as (but not limited to) strap-ones, vibrators, dildos, and other artificial aids to satisfy Wife.
  • Husband agrees that Wife may use devices mentioned above in addition to other restraints on Husband and Husband will have no say in objecting to such devices. (Although begging up to a point will be allowed, once Husband is told by Wife to stop, the expectation is compliance. Failure will result in punishment both immediate and future.)
  • Non-Sexual Releases

  • Husband agrees that Wife may release Husband out of good nature and that such a release from device is not grounds for sexual release.
  • Husband agrees to abide by all directions from Wife during such releases. 10
  • Husband agrees to re-secure device upon command from Wife. 20
  • Attire

    As deemed of value in training by Wife, or for her amusement and humiliation of husband,

  • If husband is caught by Wife wearing panties, he will receive an immediate 10 strokes.
  • Wife agrees that she will not require clothing that would be detrimental to normal public wear or that would otherwise affect public opinion, interfere with work duties, or that would unintentionally cause public humiliation for Husband.
  • Husband acknowledges that Wife may adorn herself in various clothing to tease and/or torment Husband and that Husband is not entitled to a sexual release because of such adornment.
  • At any time, Wife may blindfold husband and use permanent markers to decorate husband’s genitals in any way she sees fit.
  • General Understandings

  • Both parties agree that every day life decisions such as child development, household finances, and other marital decisions outside the bedroom will have no effect on terms of this Agreement, and that such decisions made can have no impact on the terms of this agreement.
  • Husband agrees and understands that Wife may use various methods to tease and torment Husband at any time. Furthermore, Husband understands that he has no say in such teasing and that Wife may continue at will and, in fact, husband desires that his limits be tested in this area.
  • Wife understands that she is free to receive any form of sexual gratification needed from Husband during periods of confinement and husband promises to provide same, enthusiastically and to the best of his ability. 10
  • Husband agrees to disclose truthfully, when ordered by Wife, any and all fantasies he may have in mind. 10
  • Husband is aware that rewards  -  up to and including sexual release  -  are given for good behavior including but not limited to performing duties as specified by Wife, pampering, dinner dates, gifts, massages, and other methods.  Penalties shall accrue if these events are not forthcoming. 10
  • Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be needed during the period of this agreement and that such modifications can be made unilaterally by Wife.
  • Penalties and Punishments

    Wife agrees that husband’s deviation from contract will result in mandatory punishments and discipline to obtain desired behavior.

  • Breach of contract by Wife will constitute a cancellation of contract without penalty to Wife.
  • Cancellation of contract will result in immediate release of Husband from device.
  • Breach of performance by Husband will be handled at the discretion of the Wife as outlined below.
  • Unauthorized removal of device will result in a certain thirty-day period of lock up and denial for husband. Absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for husband during this penalty period and husband may not discuss the subject of sex.
  • Unauthorized removal of device that includes a sexual release will result in a certain forty-five day period of lock up and denial for husband. Again, absolutely no sexual releases will be allowed for husband during this penalty period. Additional punishment may be added as determined by Wife
  • Husband agrees that additional restraining, flogging, private humiliation, servitude, and any other means of punishment may be administered by Wife at any time to correct or punish infractions from contract or simply for Wife’s entertainment or at her whim.
  • Husband agrees that failure to accept punishment for infractions is means for immediate termination of this agreement and that such refusal could lead to other detrimental behavior on part of Wife. 50
  • Rewards

    To reinforce correct behavior, Wife may, from time to time and at Her total discretion, reward husband for good behavior by allowing him a certain number of minutes to masterbate under her supervision. Husband must instantly strip completely when ordered to and wife must keep all her clothes on.  Wife will give husband the key to unlock his chastity belt and start the clock. The husband is never allowed to ejaculate during reward sessions, but may get as close as he likes.  As soon as the time is up, the chastity belt must be replaced.  The husband is never told how many minutes he has.

    If keys are not already in the Wife’s possession, upon signing of contract husband is to immediately secure said device and hand over all keys to Wife. Terms of this contract commence upon transfer of keys.

    Miscellaneous terms and conditions to further clarify the relationship

    The Wife is expected to use any and all means at her disposal to motivate husband to willingly and eagerly serve her for her pleasure and submit to her will.  Failing that approach, she may use whatever force is necessary to deepen his worshipful submission to her, which is the goal of this Agreement and the sworn duty of the Wife.

    To insure a successful marriage and to assure the husband is properly trained to meet the requirements of the Wife, the husband will agree to the following regarding the penis, which will now be called the “marital penis”:

  • The Wife will have complete ownership and control of the marital penis.
  • The Wife will decide if and when the marital penis will be allowed to ejaculate. She may deny giving permission for any period at her sole discretion.
  • The Wife may hint at or even promise relief, but in most all cases change her mind later and refuse.
  • The Wife will decide the method used to cause the marital penis to ejaculate. She may, for example, have the husband masturbate in her presence, or She may choose Her preferred method applied by Her or Her designee.
  • The husband is not permitted to ask for any sexual favors, such as rubbing of the marital penis, insertion into any animate or inanimate objects (except as described below), licking or sucking unless directed or initiated by the Wife. 10
  • The husband is not permitted to touch the marital penis without permission, except to shave his penis and balls under the Wife’s supervision.  The husband must keep his genitals free of hair at all times. 10
  • The husband will wear a chastity belt when ordered by Wife. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife’s absolute domination and control of the marital penis.
  • The husband is not permitted to touch any Female or expose himself to any Female unless directed to do so by the Wife.
  • Husband agrees to purchase and use according to Wife’s instructions any disciplinary equipment that Wife feels may be necessary to further his training and obedience.  Husband must subtly bring the existence of such training materials and equipment to the attention of Wife.
  • As training progresses, the Wife shall raise her standards of performance, adjust MPPs, and make any adjustments she feels necessary to achieve A+ behavior in husband.
  • The husband is not allowed to put a lock on his balls. 10
  • To insure a successful marriage, the Wife has the following rights:

    The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will be touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or even if it may ejaculate.

    The Wife requires the husband to wear a chastity device on the marital penis that may eliminate engorgement of the marital penis, touching of the marital penis, and has absolute control of ejaculation.

    The Wife has the right to deny ejaculation for the entire term of this Agreement or to deny ejaculation until husband’s training is completed.

    Should the Wife instruct that the marital penis be allowed to ejaculate, in order to reaffirm and strengthen the submission of the husband to the Wife, the Wife has the right to dictate the method of recycling of the ejaculate. The husband must always ask for permission before any ejaculation and agrees to follow Wife’s instructions.  Wive will intentionally deny permission in most cases.

    The Wife has the right to dictate any method of recycling of the ejaculate in any way She sees fit to further the husband’s submissive training and obedience through the use of humiliation.

    The Wife has the right to demand sexual pleasure from the husband at any time without any reciprocal duties, which may include but not be limited to cunnilingus, fornication and body worship.

    Since the Wife no longer needs the marital penis for satisfaction, She may seek other means of satisfaction.

    Upon demand, the Wife has the right to have Her pussy licked clean by the husband.

    Wife may instruct husband to be the dominant one and act accordingly, at her whim.  Husband must comply.  Wife must provide specific instruction or training in her desired rendition of this role. 20

    At any time indicated by the Wife, but without the suggestion of the husband, the husband shall immediately strip and kneel before the Wife, or take any position demanded by the Wife, either restrained or not.  

    The Wife has the right to administer punishment spankings at anytime, for any reason, including no reason at all. 20

    To maintain discipline, the Wife will spank the husband at least once a week during the scheduled discipline session.

    Dress Code

    To insure a successful marriage, the husband’s dress code is as follows:

    For her entertainment and to further the humiliation necessary to strengthen the training, the Wife sets the rules that dictate what her husband shall wear. For example:

  • The husband may be required to remove all clothes after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
  • The husband may be required to wear clothes that allow him to be exposed after a set time of day or after a particular trigger time, such as after dinner.
  • Sexual devices such as butt plugs, chastity devices, rope binding, handcuffs, etc. are considered clothing.
  • Wife may, for her entertainment, require husband to wear a slave collar and leash, an apron, or thong
  • Instructing the husband to wear clothes only suitable for women or sissified men. This may include under clothes such as panties or bra or over clothes such as a dress or skirt.
  • When alone at home and the temperature is adequate, husband may be instructed to wear only his apron.
  • The husband is required to advise the Wife when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Wife.

    To insure a successful marriage, and to train the husband to meet the Wife’s high standards, the Wife will punish the husband for any of the following infractions. This is a minimal guide only and does not limit the Wife to decide to punish for other infractions or for her entertainment:

  • Not following instructions or not completing job assignments to Wife’s satisfaction. 10
  • Making any reference to sex, submission, or being a slave on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, except that he will present himself on demand to his Wife for punishment and job assignments at her command. 10
  • Not satisfying his Wife when directed to do so. 20
  • Not following the dress code. 10
  • Complaining or forbidding the Wife to have sex outside the marriage as is Her right. 50
  • Touching his penis. 20
  • Ejaculating without permission. 50
  • Asking for sexual favors from any Female, including the Wife. 20
  • Failure to anticipate the Wife’s needs for comfort and affection. 10
  • Failure to read his Wife’s mind in regard to any matter. 10
  • To insure a successful chastity marriage, the Wife may punish the husband as follows. This is a guide only and does not limit the Wife’s choice of punishment which is only limited by the Wife’s imagination:

  • Spanking
  • Whipping
  • Binding him to the bed or other object for extended periods of time. During this time she may spank or whip the husband’s body. The penis or balls may be bound and/or stretched with any device the Wife chooses. This will possibly increase the size of the substandard puny marital penis.
  • Restraining him with ropes, belts, chains or handcuffs
  • Prolonging the husband’s chastity period
  • Applying pressure to the husband’s balls to create discomfort. Since the husband does not own the marital penis and balls, the level of pressure exerted on the balls is entirely up to the Wife’s discretion.
  • To insure a successful chastity marriage, the husband acknowledges that the following are privileges, not punishments:

  • Satisfying his Wife, whenever and however She demands.
  • Allowing the Wife to withhold her permission for his ejaculation to improve the marriage by making him more attentive and responsive.
  • Cleaning his Wife’s pussy with his mouth on Her demand and after intercourse.
  • Dress code including chastity devices.
  • Punishment administered by his Wife or Her designee.
  • To insure a successful chastity marriage:

    The Wife has the right to change or add to this contract at will and the husband must comply with the new conditions as if they were in the initial agreement set forth here.

    The husband does not have the right to change any conditions under this contract without the prior written permission of the Wife.

    To enforce compliance with this Agreement through possible humiliation, the Wife has the right to expose the existence and content of this Agreement and the slave status of husband to anyone.  Wife may order husband to drop his pants and show the chastity belt. 50

    The husband must be completely naked when signing this Agreement and the Wife must be fully clothed so that the new power relationship is clear and established.

    Upon signing this Agreement, husband will provide Wife with a set of permanent markers, blindfold himself and present his genitals to Wife so that She may decorate her property appropriately.


    Husband’s Signature    


    Wife’s Signature

    Obligation Ideas for the Chaste male

    The Chaste male could have the following obligations to submit all control and ownership of penis / orgasm to the keyholder until end of chastity period.

  • The Chaste Male will agree to an initial trail period of no less than 28
  • days.
  • The Chaste Male will allow the key-holder to put the chastity belt on him
  • whenever she pleases.
  • The Chastity belt will particularly be used to prevent unauthorized
  • masturbation during day or on business trips or attendance to KINK
  • fetish parties.
  • The Chaste Male is prohibited to have any sexual intercourse without the
  • key-holder’s permission.
  • The Chaste Male is prohibited to masturbate without the key-holder's
  • permission.
  • Making efforts to remove the chastity belt by The Chaste Male is
  • forbidden and will occur punishment.
  • The Chaste Male will allow the key-holder to use any number of toys in
  • his ass whenever she wants for as long as she wants, so as to tease
  • his prostate into a state of total arousal.
  • It is the responsibility of The Chaste Male to maintain the cleanliness
  • of the chastity belt.
  • The Chaste Male is never permitted to leave the key-holder’s control
  • without the key-holder’s special permission.
  • The Chaste Male will accept that having his prostate milked is sufficient
  • sexual relief for him during any chastity period. Having his
  • prostate milked is at the key-holder’s discretion.
  • The Chaste Male may not ask the key-holder for the chastity belt to be
  • removed. Except for health or safety reasons.
  • The Chaste Male will allow the key-holder to masturbate him or have sex
  • with him whenever she wants. He will not have an orgasm without her
  • permission however. If he does, he will be subject to whatever
  • punishment the key-holder sees fit. This punishment may override the
  • key-holder’s obligation to keeping chastity periods less then 3
  • months.
  • It is The Chaste Males’s obligation to let the key-holder know if he has
  • had sexual relief without his knowledge. For instance through
  • nocturnal relief or a self provided prostate milking.
  • The Chaste Male will be required to sexually satisfy the key holder
  • without user orgasm, this will include fucking duties, fellatio,
  • foot worship, rimming, providing urinal or other toilet duties for
  • key holder, massages etc.
  • The Chaste Male will be grateful and thank the key holder for keeping him
  • in chastity.
  • Femdom CBT (Cock and Balls Torture) ideas for couples

    1. Use clothespins on his balls. More are better!

    2. Slap them off with your hand or a whip. x2pain

    3. Make him open his legs apart then kick him standing behind him

    4. Pull his public hair one by one

    5. Deny his cum by slapping his balls and cock hard

    6. Bind his balls from a heavy furniture and make him to reach you for a pussylick. Use your whip if he can’t.

    7. Use rubber bands. Bind his balls with one and pull it backward,. You decide if he is lucky or not!

    8. Use toothpaste when you are doing a blowjob

    How to make your wife or girlfriend interested in femdom #2

    For those who don’t have a partner and seeking for dominate goddess as a partner, I suggest to look for a vanilla one instead and to establish a good and strong relationship first. Once you have it, try to get her understand your fantasy. Femdom relationships that grew from vanilla relationship are better since they are based on trust and strong connection between the couple.

    Warning: There is a fair chance your wife will turn from vanilla into a dominant goddess that will enslave you. Make sure this is what you want.

    Basically, the below tip ill help you to expose the emotional side of submission in a way she will understand, be flattered and curious. You will use a blog to deliver your thoughts and feeling that will make her understand you.

    Follow the below steps and make your wife or girlfriend get interested in dominating you.

    1. Create a blog. You can choose any free platform you like.

    2. Give your blog a name such as “Serving my wife” or serving goddess “your wife’s first name” for example: Serving Goddess Rebecca

    3. Announce your wife that for the next seven days, you’ll pamper her and serve her in any way she wants (no femdom! Just serve her in any she likes).

    4. Announce her that you will write about this experience in your new blog. Mention that it will be discreetly without any identifying revealing details about your life such as real names.

    5. If she asks you for the reason, tell her that you read some blogs that do the same, and you would like to experience it. It’s fun, and you want to try it.

    6.  Start serving your wife :

  • Do all house chores and let her rest, watch TV, talk over the phone or anything she desires
  • Serve her and pamper her in any way she wants
  • Make her breakfast and Dinner and make it look beautiful and tasty.Serve it with a tray
  • Pamper her in any way she wants
  • 7.   Flatter her and praise her on your blog, mention in your blog how much you love serving her, how much you love her, that she is so beautiful and a real goddess.

    8.  Every time you publish a post let her know. She will be very interested to read your blog. There is no way she will not read it. It’s about her. Your blog will give her confidence and curiosity about female domination, and she will start to cooperate and try out new things.

    9.  Stop after one week, write your last post and say you will return with more posts soon. Furthermore, stop serving your wife. If you’ll see that, your wife is disappointed once you stopped serving her, you are on the right way, since she likes to be treated as a goddess.

    Defining a time frame is very important. Time frames eventually will make her to try to take the control from you (in the future).

    How to make your wife or girlfriend interested in femdom #1

    If you have ever wondered how you can make your wife or girlfriend dominate you, here is a great tip how do to it right. Many submissive males fail to make their wives interest in femdom because they introduce their fantasy wrongly.

    Understanding female domination is the key word to success. Many submissive males focus on the technical side of the fantasy rather than the emotional or psychological side of the submission.

    Before you make any attempt follow the below rules:

  •    Be patient, never rush her. Lose any demanding attitude
  •    Never pledge her to do things she does not want to do
  •    Give her the time to find what she feels about domination
  • The Ultimate Ruined Orgasm

    • You’ll need some lube.
    • Next get him to lie down on his back with his hands tied behind his head.
    • Make your forefinger and thumb into a circle, then circle his head,and, squeezing quite hard, slide your hand slowly all the way down his shaft to the base.
    • As your first hand reaches the bottom, circle his head with the forefinger and thumb of the other hand and repeat the process. Keep doing this, slowly so it’s a never-ending cycle.
    • He’ll gets right to the edge like this, but it’s never enough to tip him over - and in this case, with the ruined orgasm - this is what we want.
    • Once he’s at the edge, and begging, and I mean really begging to come, if necessary change your technique to you’re sliding your finger and thumb up and down the head only.
    • Be sure to grip hard and you’ll feel his dick start to pulse under your finger just as he starts to come. And that’s when you let go and stop all stimulation!
    • At this point he’s going to be bucking and twitching, moaning groaning and begging, pushing up with his hips just to get contact of any kind with anything (a nice tease is to hover your hand just above his pulsing member and move it away as he thrusts).
    • End the session with a kiss.

    Male Chastity Introduction

    Ease him into the chastity device by having him wear it initially for 12 hours.

    Then give him a few days off. Then have him wear it for 24 hours, then give him a few days off.

    Then have him wear it for a weekend, then give him a few days off. If he can go a weekend without any problems.

    Then have him wear it for an entire week.

    Never be ashamed of locking his cock

    Yes it’s true. Many women will immediately know what this anklet signifies. That’s why I wear it everywhere I go. Of course it is quite embarrassing for him, but that’s not my problem. I enjoy the stares from other women. The knowing smile. The giggles. The compliments. The braver even approach and ask questions, which I’m happy to answer. A couple have even asked hubby how it feels and then laugh when he turns beet red. Be PROUD. Male chastity is becoming more and more common. It is a fact of life and something that white hubbies are learning to accept. They really have no choice.


    Just like any relationship, a Female Led Relationship (FLR) takes effort and work to be successful. What is in it for the female?

  • Endless pampering whenever you want
  • No need to do laundry. That’s his job now.
  • Kitchen cleaned & dishes washed and put away every night
  • Bills are paid every month. I don’t even think about them.
  • Orgasms whenever I want, however I want and he expects nothing in return
  • A play toy (him) to play with whenever I want
  • Coffee ready for me every morning
  • I have the final say in all matters and he knows this and agrees to it. He yields to my authority and decisions. This means arguments are practically non existent.
  • He anticipates my needs and wants and strives to make me happy. This is huge!
  • Gifts and flowers from him just because he appreciates me
  • Open communication.  We talk about anything.
  • I never have to clean a bathroom again.  Yea!
  • My clothes are ironed every day
  • I do what I want
  • He does everything I tell him to do.

    Rule 1: Whenever I open or spread my legs, and expose my pussy to him, I want to feel his mouth and tongue on me.

    Rule 2: Whenever he goes down on me, I expect at least two orgasms. Only then is he permitted to stop.

    Rule 3: We only have intercourse when I decide we have intercourse.

    Rule 4: When we have intercourse, he doesn’t always get to ejaculate.

    Rule 5: He is only permitted to ejaculate with permission.

    Rule 6: When I permit him to ejaculate, he is required to clean up after himself or lovingly lick and suck the cum out of me.


    The variations (both mental and physical) you can apply to the ruining techniques are endless and that’s what makes is fun.  

  • Announce the ruined orgasm ahead of time or surprise him
  • Tell him to try and orgasm while you tease him or tell him try not to orgasm while you tease him.  Imagine the fun of him trying to orgasm only to have you pull away at the last second and leave him with nothing.  Do this a few times and then send him over the edge and let go.
  • Use your hands, mouth, tongue, panties, feathers, etc. to tease him.
  • Make him ruin the orgasm himself.  This is a good test of his loyalty. Will he let go before he spurts (bonus points for him), at the first spurt (good boy), or will he push the envelope and hold on a little longer after he spurts (bad boy.  Punishment time!).
  • Combine with anal pleasure.  Stimulating the prostate will cause his cum to leak-out more.  Some women use this technique regularly to “milk” their man so that he can go very long periods without a orgasm.
  • Experiment and have fun with the variations.  It is great to always keep him guessing as to what will happen next.  
  • Types Of Cuckold & Defination

    What does it mean to be a cuckold? It actually means many different things to different cuckolds. But let’s start at the beginning: The truth vs. the Truth. The Truth, or an absolute Truth, is actually unnamable, or rather it exists, but when you try to interpret it and put words to it, it becomes one of very many truths, as many truths as there are people. This, of course, applies to most of human experience, not just cuckoldry. There are certain Truths though that are still difficult to express without making up stories or making meaning. We can start with the most basic statement of fact, and then illustrate how many interpretations we can make up. (While these concepts could apply to same sex couples, two men, or even two women, this will focus on a man and a woman.) 1) Penetration has two halves: The Penetrator and the Penetrated. There exists a certain energetic dynamic between a man, whose cock penetrates and a woman whose pussy is penetrated. This energy dynamic is asymmetrical. 2) Size does make a difference in this energy dynamic. Both the size of the cock and the size of the pussy will influence the energy dynamic. 3) Duration, force, and cadence of penetration and thrusting have an impact on the quality and intensity of the energy dynamic. 4) The energy dynamic of penetration will differ with different combinations of cock and pussy. While much of this dynamic may be attributed to connection between partners that can be non-sexual (mind, spirit, heart, etc.), a certain portion of this dynamic is purely the physical combination of cock and pussy. 5) Love and sexual attraction are two real aspects of an energetic dynamic between two people. These are also some of the most unnamable real features of human existence. 6) It is possible to love without sexual attraction. It is possible to have sexual attraction without love. It is possible to have neither, it is possible to have both. 7) Therefore, it is possible to be completely in love with a partner, but lose sexual attraction. 8) This condition sometimes takes the form of a cuckold/hotwife pairing, where a man and woman are deeply devoted and in love, but sexual attraction diminishes or becomes limited (e.g. oral sex for woman only) This is where the factual statements begin to diverge and the definition of cuckold and hotwife and the relationship that may be formed takes many different forms. It is important to realize that the examples which follow are by no means an exhaustive list. It is also important to realize that none of these forms are more right or more wrong, but are merely the descriptive stories that people make up to describe their relationship that fits them.  The Clueless Cuckold A Cuckold with no idea. When you see him and his wife (or girlfriend, wife used for brevity), you wonder how he can be so clueless. He has a smoking hot babe of a wife. She is amazingly sexual. And yet he does not question the fact that their love life is bland, but that she seems so very satisfied all of the time. She is so obviously cheating on him, that even without any evidence, his friends give him the advice to check up on her. It just seems inconceivable that this relationship works. However there is not zero chemistry. She does love having her pussy licked, and she does not mind if he jerks off. It is so obvious, that often this type of cuckold does not stay clueless forever. He may become a different type of cuckold before too long.The Reluctant Cuckold This type of cuckold/hotwife arrangement is the gateway to consensual cuckoldry, yet is not quite there. It should be distinguished from the man who refuses to be a cuckold outright, because that either ends with a breakup, or a hotwife denying her needs, and is thus not a type of cuckold/hotwife relationship. A reluctant cuckold has not quite accepted that his wife has sex with other men, but does not want his relationship to end. He does not stop her from going out on dates or being with her lover when he is away, but he does not embrace it either. There is a strong tendency for the reluctant cuckold to be in denial of some of the basic facts listed above. He may remain in denial for some time. It may sort of “work” for some time. She is getting what she wants and he is turning a blind eye to it. This arrangement can come to a crisis where it will either end, or necessarily evolve into something else.Bargaining Cuckold With some acceptance that his wife has sex with other men, some cuckolds will put out a huge effort to measure up. They will try to improve their stamina, might try hardon pills, might try to learn some new moves. They will then ask their hotwives to give their approval, desperate for validation. This is where cuckolds often run up against a very hard Truth: The physical dimensions of her pussy and his cock do make a difference in their energy dynamic during penetration. She cannot ignore the difference that her lover’s cock makes inside her pussy. While it is easy to make light of this Truth, with jokes about ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’, the Truth is closer to ‘Size DOES Matter’, and there is no denying this, either by the cuckold or the hotwife. A bargaining cuckold, running up against a Truth he cannot overcome, will turn towards other means of improving the sexual energy dynamic between himself and his wife. Very commonly, he finds that giving her oral pleasure is still a way in which he can achieve this. She will often respond even more strongly to his tongue, for more than one reason. First, she often feels some guilt, so a chance to enjoy and validate her cuckold gives her relief. Secondly, a cuckold’s performance with his tongue does not rely upon the size of his cock, thus cunnilingus can be his best bet to continue his sexual connection with his hotwife.The Accepting Cuckold – Hidden Hotwife Thus begins the more stable stages of cuckoldry. The Cuckold has accepted that his role in his Hotwive’s sex life is not that of Penetrator, but that he has a valued position as Chief Pussy Licker. All of his demons have not been exercised, but this acceptance at this stage does provide some peace and some solid ground for the further acceptance that is to come. At this stage, the Hotwife conducts her other life in relative secret. Her dates are out in the open, and her Cuckold will get to watch or even participate in her preparations, but he is denied any direct knowledge of her activities. She has the freedom to explore for herself, to date around with various lovers, to find her own new normal sex life. She too has adjustments to make such as dating for sex, without the need to date for stability or being provided for. She has her loyal Cuckold at home for that. But a change is looming on the horizon. One day, she will reach a critical point with one of her lovers. It may take time, or it may be the first date. One day she will want to be fucked bareback and allow her lover to cum inside of her. When this happens another absolute Truth will come to pass: Her lover will biologically leave a physical trace of himself. Even if she cleans the outside of herself off, inside that physical Truth will remain for several days. And this trace is detectable.The Accepting Cuckold Challenged – Unseen but Detectable Bull Even a previously well-adjusted Accepting Cuckold will face a Truth that is undeniable that will challenge him in that deep way that only a Truth can. Even in the dark and blindfolded, on that day when a Hotwife returns from the date where the condoms were left off, and even with a careful cleanup, the change that took place will be deeply known to the Cuckold fulfilling his role with his Hotwife. Even with no visible trace of semen, there will be an absence of the taste and odor of latex. Even without obvious cream, her fluids will be altered. The longer that she is Penetrated and Inseminated by her Bull bareback, the more her normal pussy aroma will be persistently transformed. She will cease to smell and taste like she did when she only used latex. She will begin to carry the pheromones of not only herself, but those of her lover. Facing this, the Accepting, but Challenged Cuckold may falter in his devotion, however, nature provides a positive feedback loop at the crucial moment. As she takes in semen, her baseline turn on will rise. As the Cuckold detects and ingests her Bull’s pheromones, his urge to please his Hotwife will increase dramatically. He will lick her more and try to make up for what he lacks.The Accepting/Reluctant Cuckold This mindfuck is a bit of Nature’s mischief. This Cuckold finds himself trapped in a place that is a paradox. He is accepting that he is a Cuckold, that his Hotwife deserves to get penetrative satisfaction elsewhere. He accepts that his best bet for maintaining a sexual connection with the woman he loves is through giving her oral pleasure. He even finds great sexual satisfaction in doing so. But the trap he finds himself in is that while he does want to perform his duty and maintain his connection to her, that he cannot easily lick another man’s cum. If his Hotwife also gets off from this dynamic, she and he will dance in a game of domination and submission. He wants to lick her, but he cannot submit on his own to licking her Bull’s semen. Thus, she is forced to force him to do it. Only with this domination is he able to do what he truly wants to do. She forces his head down to her pussy. She grabs his hair. She verbally commands and may even verbally abuse him. It is necessary and at the same time a lively dance that is also unnecessary. It is one state that maybe so wrapped up in the story in his head, that it seems to be an absolute Truth, when it is only his current truth. This dynamic is often characterized by the paradox of the Cuckold’s humiliation at the knowledge that he is tasting and smelling and feeling a superior man’s cum, deposited at her urging, that requires the Hotwife to humiliate him further by forcing him to dive in. In this case, the humiliation soon becomes the turn on for the Cuckold. Though he struggles with that knowledge and the inability to just admit it and release the humiliation, he stays trapped here because, for lack of a better term, it makes his dick hard.The Eager Cuckold Some Cuckolds, in contrast to the humiliation junkies, bypass feeling humiliation altogether or experience the sensation completely differently. They are not feeling shame, but are instead feeling the turn on in their freshly and well-fucked Hotwife as their own. The taste and odor of her Bull is more a confirmation of her infidelity that he interprets as good instead of bad. After all, the Humiliated Cuckold still feels pleasure, the Eager Cuckold, in contrast feels the pleasure but chooses not to feel shame. In any case, the Hotwife does not need to force the Eager Cuckold to do anything. He is eager to please her whenever she returns and he is eager to give her as many orgasms as she wants. This especially works well for the Hotwife who really gains no pleasure from domination, but even if she did, the Eager Cuckold would not mind being pushed under the covers or grabbed by the hair. It should be noted here that most, but not all, cuckolds do not want to be allowed to fuck their Hotwife. Most, but not all, would simply feel further inadequacy from that experience. However almost all cuckolds do want to achieve some form of release. This can vary quite a bit and whether orgasm is denied, allowed through self-stimulation, co-created with the hand, or given a blowjob by his Hotwife or even via Cuckold Penetration, there are no rules about what form of release (or denial of release) goes with which type of cuckold.Humiliated Cuckold Distinct from the Reluctant Cuckold, the Humiliated Cuckold has a relationship with his Hotwife that includes humiliating situations, that may be public and for the first time include her lover, though certainly not limited to those conditions. In fact, pages and pages could be written describing humiliation scenarios between Cuckolds, Hotwives and Bulls. A very common dynamic is the comparison between the Cuckold and the Bull that make it clear why the Hotwife chooses as she does. One common feature is that this teasing may upset the Cuckold, but ultimately this dynamic is satisfying, providing strong turn on for the Cuckold as he masturbates in the moment or later. A brief listing of examples: Talking about the Cuckold in public or talking about the Bull in public, being seen leaving the home with the Bull, outing the Cuckold publicly, making the Cuckold watch them have intercourse, making the Cuckold serve the lovers, making him sleep elsewhere besides the master bedroom. A whole list of humiliating fetishes could be described but far exceed the scope of this document. Some special examples will follow.The Voyeur Cuckold Whether a Reluctant or Humiliated Cuckold who is forced to watch, or an Eager Cuckold who desires to watch, the Voyeur Cuckold watches. The rules may vary. Some may be forbidden to masturbate, while others allowed. Some may be required to keep silent, while others may even have duties to take photos and video. One thing is for sure. Another Truth is revealed to the Cuckold. Seeing his Hotwife’s pussy penetrated by her Bull is a kind of knowing that cannot be substituted and once seen, cannot be unseen. Depending upon where the Cuckold is on the Reluctance/Humiliation/Eagerness spectrum he is, watching his Hotwife will have a profound effect. One common feature is that wherever their head is on that story spectrum, their bodies will respond and most commonly, their smaller dicks will stiffen. After all, if porn is stimulating, live porn is more rare and more stimulating and live porn with your Hotwife as the porn star is by far the most stimulating. Seeing how their Hotwife responds to her Bull’s expert cocksmanship, hearing her grunt and moan, watching his larger cock penetrate her and experiencing the energy between them firsthand, every Cuckold will attain new heights of titillation and acceptance. No longer will their egos be able to hide out in stories that “he cannot be THAT much better.”The Sissy Cuckold The Sissy Cuckold has basically just taken all of the above and wrapped it up into full submission. As her man, he has submitted so fully to the desires of his Hotwife and her Bull, and has relished in licking cum, or even sucking cock, that the obvious next step is to take on the role of another woman in the arrangement. Licking pussy, lapping up cum, sucking cock, not using his dick for fucking, and eventually, taking on more feminine roles, appearance and demeanor are areas for greater pleasure. It is not much of a leap from there to wear women’s clothing, makeup and offer up an asshole for an eager cock. As stated, this is not an exhaustive list, but it is clear, from what has been presented here, and by reading the many stories and captioned photos, and watching porn that the cuckold life is many-faceted and probably more diverse than is commonly presented.

    Why would any woman want to feminize their masculine man into a sissy maid and why would any man allow it?

    This is not about being gay, or having gay fantasies, it is merely an extension of your control.  If you love the power of your control, and your submissive is responding well and has taken the bait on everything else, then you simply need to experience this level of control.  It will blow your mind, and obliterate his ego.


    If you have kids, plan a day to get them gone from early morning to the next morning on a weekend day.  Clear your calendar, and understand to experience this fully, it will be a 24 hour experience that you will never forget.

    Things you must do prior to your big day.

    Shop for a dress, nylons, any makeup, wigs, nail polish, high heels, corset, and anything else

    that you would like your man to wear on sissy day.  So you don’t spend a fortune on things that you may only do once, or possibly a once in a while thing, try Value Village or second hand clothing stores.  You should be able to find big sizes and it should be very affordable.

    Once you have that, and your kids planned to be away for the day, then you can let your husband know that you have a full 24 hour exciting day planned for him, and build up the excitement, and let him know that he will love it.

    When you are alone, tell him that for the next 24 hours, you want him to be your lesbian girlfriend.  (this will help him accept it more, by you using lesbian instead of him being gay,  It puts the awkwardness on you, and makes it more acceptable for him to play along)

    If he resists, thinking you have some plans of bringing in some guys to stuff his throat with cock, let him know that this is not true.  (unless you have pre-talked about this and is something you both want).  We won’t go there on this site, because this is something we definitely don’t want.  Assure him, this is just role play and that it will be fun.  That is what it is, and yes it will be fun, for both of you.

    If your man’s body is not shaved, then this is the time to do it.  Shave his legs, bum, armpits, chest, and if you want leave the hair on his arms do it, so he can at least look normal at work.  You don’t want to ruin your lives over this, you simply want to take the last measure of ego from your man.  Once you completely remove his ego, the rest of your relationship and life will be bliss.  It is mans ego that keeps relationships from being all that it can be.

    Once your man is shaved, apply a nice feminine body lotion to his body to make him smell like a girl.  Then have him sit next to you naked, while you apply his makeup.  Apply lots of foundation to give him a very girly smooth skin complexion, and then the rest.  Eye shadow, liptstick, mascara.  Make him the prettiest girl as you can.  The humility of this will be the biggest turn on for him, and the control will be something you would have never imagined being such a turn on.

    Now apply nail polish and toenail polish.  Pink is a nice touch.

    Then put on the wig.

    Next help him put on the rest of his girl outfit, complete with high heels.  You will get a kick out of him walking in heels.  Now it is time for your day to really begin.

    Explain to him that you really like the way he looks, but the one last thing you need from him is to be your sissy maid, and for you to be his employer.  (more roleplay).  Spend the rest of the day being pampered by your sissy maid, having him prepare lunch, tea, do some cleaning up with a duster.  I would also suggest you staying clothed and wearing a strap on for the whole day.

    If you want to completely crush a mans ego into nothingness, you HAVE to experience this.

    Bend him over multiple times throughout the day, lift his skirt/dress up, and slide his panties to his knees and make him your sissy maid slut.  Truly turn the tables on him for what men have been doing to women for years.  Make him your slut.  Talk to him dirty, and say things like, now I have made you my sissy maid slut.  Go on girl, take it.  Take my big cock, and say thank you.

    You will be my sissy bitch for the rest of your life.  I have turned you out.  You are mine, and you will listen to me from now on.  Drop down to your knees and suck it.  Suck my cock you sissy bitch.

    Force his head down hard on it.  Make him gag.  Face fuck him hard like he has to you in your previous life.  Make him understand now, that the rules have changed, and there is a new boss of the house, and that you will obey, listen, suck, and fuck as your told.

    Make him suck your strap on.

    Today is the day you take completely control.  Today is the day you push him past limits that you have not done yet.  Today is the day you will let him cum, but he will eat it, no matter where it falls.  IN fact, today you should make him cum many, many times, and make him eat it every time.

    It will be very hard for him to do, especially 2-3 orgasms into it, as all desire to be wearing womens clothing and participating will go away after the first orgasm.  However, you will be taking pictures before he loses this desire, and you will be in COMPLETELY REAL control.

    Not the pretend stuff you were doing before, but the real stuff.  That is why I said proceed with caution.  That is why you need to be emotionally mature enough to handle this power, and not to ruin your partners life over it, but use it against him to control him for the benefit of both of you .

    Make sure you get a picture of all the nastiest things you do that day.  Of him bent over with his dress up while you are fucking him.

    Him licking his cum off the floor.  Whatever there is, you get proof of it.  (Be very careful of this not to fall into the wrong hands.  Immediately put this on a thumbstick and lock it away after this day is over.  Or use a brand new micro sd card, that you can take out and keep somewhere.

    There are women that will ABUSE this power, and there are women that will use this power.  Abuse of this power could end your relationship.  Using this power could intensify it beyond belief.  It is a delicate balance, and we encourage you not to do anything on this page without truly understanding this.

    Spend the rest of the day, and evening as you like, but he wears the sissy maid outfit all day, and the makeup and nail polish all night. Make him your bitch as many times as you can, and totally drain him of all cum, ego, and attitude.

    Now for the rest of your life, if your husband ever gets out of line, keep up with the regular discipline you have been doing, but if he ever gets out of line, you have some leverage to pull him back into full submissiveness.


    Rule 1: Whenever I open or spread my legs, and expose my pussy to him, I want to feel his mouth and tongue on me.

    Rule 2: Whenever he goes down on me, I expect at least two orgasms. Only then is he permitted to stop.

    Rule 3: We only have intercourse when I decide we have intercourse.

    Rule 4: When we have intercourse, he doesn’t always get to ejaculate.

    Rule 5: He is only permitted to ejaculate with permission.

    Rule 6: When I permit him to ejaculate, he is required to clean up after himself or lovingly lick and suck the cum out of me.