ORAMIX - Bottomlessoramix -exposed below the waist

Girl in the header: Carol Vega walking bottomless, her panties dangling from her fingers ***************************************************************************************************************** ALL MY OWN POSTS ARE TAGGED 'ORAMIX'. ALL EROTIC POST FROM MAINSTREAM MOVIES ARE TAGGED 'MOVIE' (I've made most of the GIFs myself, and they are high quality!). ******************************************************************************************************************** I HAVE THIS WELL-KNOWN TITILLATING FETISH FOR BOTTOMLESS OR (NEAR TO) PANTYLESS GIRLS. SO YOU WILL FIND LOTS OF PRETTY, PANTYLESS GIRLS HERE, BUT WHEN THE FOCUS IS ON THE EROTOCHIC, STYLISH OR TASTEFULLY TITILLATING ASPECTS RATHER THAN THE (ACCIDENTAL) BOTTOMLESSNESS, THE IMAGE WILL GENERALLY BE POSTED ON MY ORAMIX EROTORAMIX BLOG. ******************************************************************************************************************** TO FIND MY OTHER BLOGS, JUST LOOK UP ‘ORAMIX’ IN THE SEARCH TUMBLR. YOU WILL FIND AMONG OTHERS ORAMIX PARTYSEXORAMIX (mainly party sex), ORAMIX PORNORAMIX (hardcore porn), ORAMIX BIGBOORAMIX (big, firm boobs), ORAMIX EROTORAMIX (generally stylish erotica), ORAMIX ASSORAMIX (the female butt, from erotic to cockriding pornographic) AND ORAMIX FLEXYSEXORAMIX (reverse cowgirl, legs up).

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