“For most of history, the fierce Wonder Woman–esque warriors known as Amazons were believed to be a myth—an invention of the Greek imagination, but surely not actual people who once lived at the time of Plato and Socrates, centuries before the start of the Christian era.

    In fact, Amazons were real. The discovery of four female warriors’ skeletons buried in western Russia, first revealed in early 2020, joins a mounting body of evidence that women battled across Eurasia during the Scythian period, between the 7th and 3rd centuries BCE. The women are believed to have ranged in age from 12 to 50.

    “This is very exciting, because it has the four women of such an age range, [and because] it’s just adding to the body of reports we already have had,” says Adrienne Mayor, a folklorist and historian of ancient science at Stanford University. “There have been at least 300 discoveries of women buried with their weapons from Antiquity, from the steps of the Black Sea all the way through Central Asia. This is yet another confirmation that such women really did exist.”Three hundred discoveries, yet the 2020 news that Amazons were real still surprised many. 

    This is the heart of the disconnect between what the scientific community knows, and can know, and what the general public is taught about women—a disconnect further loosened by a generations-deep failure to properly identify the actual roles of women throughout the ages.”

    So far and no further. Women must break free from this oppression. Why should women tolerate that men

  • rule about a woman’s body?
  • demand women to swallow birth control pills?
  • expect that (any) woman’s body is for their personal sexual pleasure and available (at least to buy) for them?
  • This must end now. Men need to be told, that Women don’t owe them anything. 

  • no chores,
  • no intercourse or any sexual pleasure
  • no birth control
  • no dutifulness
  • In fact: NOT a FUCKING single SMILE.

    Stereotypes would have us believe that female leaders excel at “nurturing” competencies such as developing others and building relationships, and many might put exhibiting integrity and engaging in self-development in that category as well. And in all 4 cases our data concurred — women did score higher than men.

    But the women’s advantages were not at all confined to traditionally women’s strengths. In fact at every level, more women were rated by their peers, their bosses, their direct reports, and their other associates as better overall leaders than their male counterparts — and the higher the level, the wider that gap grows (see chart; click on the image to view a larger chart):

    Fuck this law, fuck the men who wrote it, fuck the governor of Georgia who signed it.