If Women Ruled The World

    Written by http://letoiler.tumblr.com

    The concept of inferiority wasn’t birthed in a female mind. It wasn’t a female who first conceived of the world’s most vile notion. We weren’t the ones that drove the slave ships to Africa’s coasts to exercise the concept of inferiority. Those were audacious men, paled by colder lands and blinded by old perversions. It wasn’t women who rewrote the map of European borders and caused the Jews to flee because a woman could never have worn Hitler’s aura.  This is an era where jihad has no home, instead it is an embodiment by a stateless clan of militants. Their founders were a brethren of males that wrote the constitution of mass extermination in the name of Islamic zeal. Today’s terrorists are avowed to this penmanship. They make the world bow to their breathtaking atrocities. Amongst the bloodshed, women are left without fault. We are as white as a lamb’s coat because not one of us could have authored such grief.

    Since the dawn of humanity, females have witnessed the tyrannies and genocides but not a single female hand has been responsible for the origin of these evils. Our world’s evils have always been a male construction. Our hands have been shrouded with a better rationale. Moreover, better discretion has always been in our cards. To be of XX, estrogen and ovaries is a better disposition. Though, we are not pure. We have been tainted with our own share of evils but we’ve never been dark enough to conceive evils on a massive, systemic scale and then touch the most sinister degree of evils; which is the creation of doctrines behind the mass extermination of those from a particular region, creed, belief or skin tone.

    Many say that we are puppets to tumultuous mood swings, emotionally wayward and unclean when we are menstruating. However, a profound pause would ring if the world would simply still itself and sift through the pages of history, from the Genesis to our current era of cyber threats and terrorism, there’s never been a member of the female species to host a mind decrepit enough to orchestrate the ideologies behind the extremism ruining our societies. 

    Somebody sent me a message saying that I make him lose his faith in humanity and I felt like answering this publicly. All I have to say is that I lost my faith in humanity long ago because of the hate, belligerence and injustice that characterize our patriarchic societies. Apart from the past history of which is full of terrible wars and genocides, the situation in the world today is enough to make anyone understand why the male dominated society has failed and that a chance should be given to Matriarchy. If someone would ignore all these and lose his faith to humanity because of a Tumblr blog that didn’t harm anyone, then I don’t know what to say.