I know we radfems say Andrea Dworkin was a prophetess but damm Valerie Solanas is a Telepathic and all seeing. Everytime I interact with men they always act exactly as Valerie described in SCUM Manifesto. Exact behaviour. The first time I read Scum Manifesto I had goosebumps because it could identify all the behaviours described. How was an American woman that died in 1988 able to perfectly describe male behaviour in Nigeria 2019? Does this mean men throughout all time and space are the same? Now when I interact with men, I smile inside and try to guess what section of the book they are acting out. Men have no personality.

    Reading Scum Manifesto made me realise that men aren’t going to change.


    Valerie Solanas is a great example of inherent Female wisdom. Many parts of the SCUM Manifesto are ironic and satirical, however she makes great points overall. SCUM Manifesto is very descriptive of males, regardless of place and time period. She also made a great description of males being “incomplete Females” without having an academic background in biology. Ever since biology has proven in various ways that males are nothing but a defective mutation of the default gender, which is the Female.