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    The 'hottest take' I've seen today 😂


    tfw the reality is basically the opposite of this 😕


    Exactly! As a carrier of a defective Y chrom I can confirm this. I am glad to be among those who would never ever think of physically assaulting a Woman. However, I would be a foolish liar if I would say that I have never been disrespectful to Women in some way. One way is using my male privilege to take advantage of a situation, whether it is on personal or social level. Misogynistic oppression has many levels and forms. Physical assault may be the worst form of this oppression, but it’s not the only one. All of us males are guilty, as long as we benefit from the patriarchal status quo and don’t collectively attempt to change it.


    In the patriarchy, men are the standard. They fancy themselves gods. They are above, looking down.

    Except they really aren't.

    But they like to pretend. And they know that women are a threat to that worldview. So they have to keep us smaller than them.

    They need us to be skinnier. Weaker. Quieter. Uglier than them with a bare face. Poorer. Less intelligent. Less important. Less athletic. Less charismatic. But most importantly, less powerful.

    So every time a man tries to cut you down to a smaller size, remember that the problem isn't that you are too big: it's that he needs you to be small so that he can feel big.

    And most men are so pathetic, that you will never be small enough.


    Since the actual body size was also mentioned, is that an advantage really? Males consume more natural resources while they are less productive, especially mentally. This is one of the main reasons males aren’t a priority in the plans about future space exploration: https://medium.com/the-cosmic-companion/are-female-astronauts-the-future-of-space-b1ff52ee2bdf?fbclid=IwAR2b2ZIYOMAz03Rr244X7-9sGSZY-rIITSlHyg23bpbKYQbuq0blBFhp8lE

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    never trust a man who think men are better than women for having penis. i'm a mulism girl and men believe women are inferior based on what’s between our legs more than anything. even koran say men are better because "i have penis so i can FUCK women in holes!" and men are better because they put their dick in us. this makes me hate being a woman :/

    You’re not alone anon, I know it’s really tough to live as a woman, and I’m so sorry you have to put up with those men. Men like to glorify the penis because to them it’s about power. They glamorize violence (“fucking” really says a lot here) because honestly it seems to be the only thing they’re good at. Men’s violence is a worldwide epidemic that will likely completely trash the earth so I don’t think that is a very good measure of strength or superiority. What kind of organism kills it’s own environment?

    I think deep down many men know they’re full of shit and they know that this is just a reversal. Women create life, women persist under immense oppression and not only just persist, but we succeed and thrive (look at how many women throughout history were inventors or better than men in their own field), women are constantly inspiring, and constantly seeking to do better by others. When I feel down, this is what gives me hope. Other women. I know you know this, but I think a quote from Helen Keller pretty much sums it up: “the inferiority of women is man made.” These men can think what they want, say what they want, and even institute law over this bullshit, but that doesn’t make it true and deep down they know that or they wouldn’t go to such lengths to suppress women


    Actually it’s the other way round. Men are inferior to Women based on what’s between their legs. Men idolize the penis because they have vagina envy. The penis is a defective mutation of the clitoris, just like the man is a defective mutation of the Woman. Look it up. And you’ll be very proud for being a Woman.


    Why are men larger than women?

    It makes no evolutionary sense for women to be smaller because everything from birthing children to surviving predators would be easier with we were the same size as men. So why are we smaller?

    Because men have staved women of food for untold generations to ensure their own survival. A smaller body means women can survive with less food and have more to share with their children because with men around both mother and child are going to get less of everything. So smaller women were more likely to survive time of famine and therefore we have evolved to become smaller so we can survive men’s greed.


    And this is one of the numerous reasons the future is female. Women are more productive than men even if they consume less natural resources. Because of their size, Women are also more suitable for space exploration.