Here's a reminder to kill this fucker with no hesitation if you see them!


    For context: this is a spotted lanternfly, it is highly invasive in the US, and causes damage to crops and plants. If you see them please report the sighting here and kill on sight.


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    This species is a huge threat to ecosystems all over the United States. I hate to kill a bug but if I see this species I’ll do it quickly and humanely as possible, and report the sighting to the proper authorities! Here are some tips from the USDA on how to help minimize lanternfly infestation


    Wow! This just in, rapid habitat degradation due to non-native species spreading unchecked and causing massive damage and extinctions of endemic species in already-threatened habitats is the Hip New Liberal Thing! So what if 99.9% of my state’s most iconic, diverse ecosystem that’s crucial for building healthy soil, stopping erosion and preventing cataclysmic floods and once covered 70% of the land area has already been destroyed? Girlboss up and get with the times, let’s kick down that last 0.01% too! Afraid of species outside their native range without any of the natural predators, plants with evolved defenses, co-evolved diseases, or other checks and balances that usually keep them from taking over a landscape? What are you, racist? (HEAVY /s)

    listen @a-psychedelic-wave​, “history happens slowly” because it takes 1,000 years to build an inch of topsoil but my state has lost 8 inches of topsoil to erosion since 1850. “history happens slowly” but once the native prairie was torn up for “the new ecosystem”, sedimentation happened so fast that one species of trout went extinct within a decade of the first soil being broken- the crystal-clear streams it required were already gone. “history happens slowly” but floods that were supposed to be a twice-a-millennium occurrence have hit my hometown twice in a decade. “history happens slowly” because Mead’s Milkweed takes 15 years from sprouting until it produces its first flowers and seeds. Maybe tell the spotted lanternfly that would threaten already critically endangered prairie remnants “don’t kill”.

    Children, learn about the land you’re on and how it evolved and what it needs, and fight tooth and nail against what would kill it.


    Insane leftists love invasive species for the exact same reasons that they love “migrants”. 


    This is wonderfully telling about their self-destructive mindset.


    They’re probably mad that you lied to them in the first place you fucking dunce.


    “we’ve talked politics and agree on almost everything but that doesnt seem to matter”

    yea because you just pulled the rug under your own feet by being a liar how can they even know you agree on anything anymore lol


    Why would you lie about something so petty in the first place?


    The Californian knows only deceit!