<>Condé Nast has suspended Bon Appétit video editor Matt Hunziker “pending investigation” by the company.

Condé Nast has suspended Bon Appétit video editor Matt Hunziker, the publisher confirmed to Business Insider.

Condé Nast Entertainment president Oren Katzeff said during a June 25 staff meeting that Hunziker has been suspended “pending investigation” by the company, according to a recording reviewed by Business Insider.

“There have been many concerns raised about Matt that the company is obligated to investigate and he has been suspended until we reach a resolution,” a Condé Nast spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesperson did not detail what concerns sparked the suspension. Katzeff did not provide reasons for the suspension on the call, citing policies from legal and human resources.



Sohlae, Priya and Carla standing up for Hunzi on social media. CN are really doing themselves a favour by suspending the fan favourite editor, huh?


 Over the last few weeks, we have seen a reckoning unfold across corporate America. We have seen how structural racism in the work place contributes to the racial wealth gap, and how Black and POC workers are exploited by major corporations - the same corporations that are posting #blm and #solidarity graphics.

More then ever, we need accomplices. We need white alllies who have a seat at the table to do the work of actively dismantling white supremacy in all aspects of our lives.
i from @bonappetitmag has always been that accomplice. His suspension is a retaliatory move and we will not tolerate it.