Humiliation & Embarrassment Techniques

    For me, spanking is discipline and not ‘erotic’. I do understand that people do enjoy the more erotic side of spanking however I am very much into role play and it would take away from the ‘scene’ if there was a sexual element. For example a ‘dad / son’ scene just wouldn’t feel right, if dad fingered the boys butt, or stroked his cock.

    I do believe though that the chastising of a boy or son should not entirely be restricted to just straight up spanking.

    Here are just a few discipline techniques i also think a daddy should use during a spanking session. 


    For me this is an extremely important part of any spanking. It should be made before, during and after a spanking. A father or dom should send a clear message to his boy that he is no longer in control and that he has been naughty for a particular reason. A father should remain in control when scolding his boy and should never shout. He should speak with authority and make his boy understand that he is wrong, and will do as he is told from then on in. This chastisement should make a fully grown adult feel like a little boy, and is an integral part to the discipline process. A spanking without scolding, is just a spanking, and the boy won’t learn his lesson.


    A particular favorite of mine is dad setting his son rules that the boy will be expected to abide by. For example 1. you are grounded for the next 2 weeks 2. your bed time is now 10pm every night. 3. you will do all your house chores before school/work etc. These rules could be laid down in front of the boy while over daddys knee, and the boy made to read them while being spanked. Daddy can also stick them on the wall, for everyone to see, to further embarrass the lad.


    “if you are going to act like a naughty little boy, you are going to look like one”. This is a good way for dad to exert his authority over his boy, and show him that he is the only man in the house. It’s extremely humiliating for any boy to be shaved front and back by his dad.


    Corner time should always be a part of a fathers weaponry. It can be used before, during(if it’s a particularly long session) and after. Nothing better than when a dad drags his son by the ear to the corner and makes him spread his legs. The duration should be dependent on how naughty the boy was. As a variantion the dom could place a wooden stool for the boy to sit on in the corner as well. As an additional extra dad might wish to add something like a coin that the boy must hold with his nose against the wall, hands on head and legs spread. Or even better if a white board is available dad can write “*boys name* TIME OUT ZONE” and draw a circle for the lad to put his nose against.


    Writing lines or apology letters reinforces to the boy that he has been naughty and will ensure he regrets whatever he has done.


    Swearing during a spanking? Not whilst daddy’s around you don’t!! Drag the boy to the bathroom and soap his mouth out good and hard whilst spanking him or make him kneel in front of you and rinse him out.


    Having a dad wash his boy before or after a spanking(before being sent to bed) is extremely embarrassing.


    Tucked in like the naughty young boy and told to be good whilst dad ruffles your hair. Need i say more?


    Ginger could also be inserted into the boys bum. Never tried this before but I have heard a lot of people say this is a great way to discipline a boy as it stings like hell.

    Share and comment with other embarrassment / punishment techniques you enjoy!!


    Everything but the ginger.  Though I do like me some gingers.

    My favorite is a firm swat and 15 minutes in the corner for random swearing.