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Please do not approach (I am not a sissy, I’m just a sub)

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2021-06-17 05:40:30

    Ha ha ha ha you thought you could escape from me, boi! You will stay there until I decide you have had enough punishment. But keep struggling and I will take away the cushion you are kneeling on.


    Yeahhh.. you keep struggling, guy…turns me on… hehhehheh….


    I love this idea - really need to look into making one of these! Could do with some sensory deprivation added… Otherwise pretty perfect!


    Happy people indeed. Normalize FemDom and male subs in society.


    Happy subs are my favorite subs!😍

    We need more of such happy femdom pics

    That’s the true face of femdom. Not the leather clad mean ladies kicking dub guys by their feet.


    Rope + happy people = reblog!


    More happy subs, please! They actually exist… they’re even the majority of subs I’ve ever known. 


    This is definitely posting here!


    rope makes me happy - when SHE is happy it makes me happy - being her little spoon makes me happy – yep…lots to love here - keep smiling


    We all want to have fun. Isn’t that what life is all about? To be happy.

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    That will work for me.