Hi all, i didn't post for what seems an eternity, so that's why today i take some time to tell you, dear follower, a little story that happen today morning.

As often since our son is born, my wife decided to lay on her bed and read a book, while our baby was sleeping. I was myself out, walking with our dog.

When i went back home, i found my wife laying on her bed, reading.

As always, i thought how lucky i was, to have such a beautiful young wife. She was dressed simply, with a short black playsuit with a flower print. As often, i took a few seconds to admire her, her so cute and long legs and her beautifully curved small feet.

I started to have perverse thought so i climbed on the bed and get over her.

I started kissing her neck, but then she told me that soon our son will wake up from his nap so we didn't have enough time to have sex.

I smiled and my hand slowly ran on her tight, to finally reach her pussy.

My neck kissing had some effect and she was dripping.

I whispered at her : "are you really sure we don't have time for some sex?"

She answered me : " I'm sure and if we want to do something i have to take of my playsuit."

I smiled again and said : "i'm sure i can make you cum with my tongue through your playsuit. It's so thin."

At this moment something changed in her eyes, she grabbed me, and pushed me on my back. I was there, on her bed, lying on my back, defenceless as her legs were immobilizing my arms. She then smiled and said : "let's find out if your tongue can make me cum through my playsuit."

Then she climbed on my face and all i saw was her divine face smiling at me. She put her hands on my forehead and ordered me to start licking her.

I've never been submissive, during all of our relation and our wed years, i,ve alwaus been the dominant part of our couple, but since the lockdown in march, my wife took a more dominant place in our wedding, so i didn't have any other choice than doing what she wanted.

She put all her weight on my face, crusing my nose with her pelvis bone, smothering me.

To gain some breath, i started licking her through her playsuit. After a few lick, even if the tissue was thin, my tongue started to burn.

I stopped licking her.

She then told me : "already tired? You see? I was sure yiu was bragging."

My pride was hurt, and i couldn't let her win after only 10mn of her sitting on my face. I then started to lick her with passion.

Five minute later, she had a dazzling orgasm on my lips.

She moaned so loud, it wakes up our son.

But she wasn't done.

She stroked my forehead and smiled.

"That was good but i'm not done yet."

She then pull her playsuit and her panties to the side and told me to lick her once more to orgasm.

She was dripping wet, her pussy smell excited me, and as soon as my tongue reached the wetness of her delicious pussy, i had an orgasm and i sprayed my load all over my body.

She laughed. "Already? Am i this good to make you cum even without touching your dick?"

I mumbled : "Yes, my Goddess."

And i started licking her pussy again. My tongue plunged between her lips, her intoxicating juice flowing in my thirsty mouth, and then, i closed my lips on her clit, gently sucking it, while my tongue was tickling it.

She grind her pussy on my face, and suddently, a second orgasm built in. She screamed, while putting all her weight on her pelvis bone and so, on my nose, smothering me almost till i feint will having a wonderfull orgasm.

My beard was full of her juice when she felt on my side, shivering of exhaustion and pleasure.

She then, on last time smiled at me, and said : "well done hubby, now wash your face and go to our son room, he must be hungry. It's time for him."

That was one of our best orgasm, and i hope you will like it as much as we did.

See you soon dear followers.