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    tylor swift fans are class traitors for not running her off this site long ago. shes a celebrity promoting something on here in 2021 and thats just wrong and your fault that im being forced into seeing it


    I could not give less of a shit about taylor swift if I tried, but endorsing harassment because of an ad campaign is one of the worst takes I've seen in a while.

    If you really wanna hang out with ppl who harass women for being popular, go to 4chan.


    Satan is the leader of the Democrats. They follow extremely well,too.


    Yeah...why exactly would Biden do that? Unless he has something to gain from it.


    Operation Talon was never actually operational. Trump neglected to actually put it in motion before leaving office. Guess he was too busy pardoning people convicted of violent crimes.

    Since Biden is not an immigrant )and neither are the other sex offender elites), Talon would not have effected him personally.

    The cancellation is really more of an overview. While deporting sex offenders sounds like a no brainer, you must keep in mind how much resources the effort would use vs how many convicted sex offender immigrants there actually are in America. Perhaps an operation targeting sex offenders as a whole, not just immigrants, would be a better use of resources and distract from Biden's own sexual crimes.

    And be honest, did you know about Talon before it was cancelled?