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    A dare is a dare.

    You didn’t think your girl would be so quick to drop her panties. You also didn’t realize how much nicer your girls ass was (all the way to the left). Vs her friends asses. Her friends men didn’t seem to care. This was the first time they’ve seen your girls ass. They both separately said you could fuck their wives oif you let them grab you girls ass. You declined... it didn’t stop them from trying. Later on you fucked your girlfriend infront of them, and spread that perfect ass open and showed them all the goods.

    It was simple, you bet against the bucks on the playoff game. You told her friend if the bucks win you’d give him 100$. He said that he’ll give you 100$, but that’s bot what you give him. When you asked him what the pay out should be he said he gets to smack your girls ass. He’s known Jessica for 14 years, you’ve always thought he liked her, now you know. Jessica always said there was no way. That they were just friends. As the first half ended you pretty much told him to give up and just pay.. he said to up the anti as they started to come back. Yoi agreed BC you had faith the bucks would lose with the drive, and constant turnovers. So he said, how about she pulls her pants down first. After the game ended and the bucks won your wife was so mad she had him sit down, take off his shirt. She then reverse cowgirl strattled him, showing him her perfect right pussy and pink virgin asshole... he spread her ass abd spanked her, even played with her little asshole a while before you said “ok enough.” She said “no Tommy, this was your doing, let him play for a few more minutes and even take a picture, he’s been waiting so long...”

    It was around 830 pm on a Thursday Sammy, your friends daughter, had just turned 18 today. You’ve known her more than half her life. You’ve never received a text from her. She only has your number for emergencies. When your phone buzzed you picked it up, saw her name, and thought it strange. When you opened the message you were blindsided. She messaged you again after five minutes “omg I’m so embarrassed! This was for my boyfriend (his name is nothing like yours)... please don’t tell my daddy!!” What do you reply back?