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    I don’t think Avocato commited genocide.

    Yes, I know I’ve already made a post about how he did, but that’s the beauty of interacting with people on the internet. You hear different ideas and different theories. DW from Archive of Our Own, if you’re out there, I love you.

    Anyhoo. Onward!

    First, we gotta go back to Season 1 for a second. When Gary had to gather energy from that dying star, we see Mooncake get sidetracked by this:


    Which at first glance might not seem that important because it’s just a Captain’s Log, except that it was beeping when Mooncake found it. Which we know from this scene-


    is a signal for an incoming message. Someone sent the Captain’s Log to this ship from a different ship. But which ship was it? And where was it?

    Well, we know that whatever ship it was had Mooncake on board. The guy explicitly says so in the log, and you can hear the Lord Commander right before the ship and everyone on it was destroyed.

    Now back to Avocato.

    In the flashback, we see Avocato giving the order to fire on a bunch of ships, but only on the ships.We don’t see them attacking the planet at all. There’s no debris, no bits of planet floating through space, no anything.


    So if Avocato didn’t destroy the planet before attacking the ships, and he didn’t do it during the attack on the ships, how do we know he didn’t do it after?

    An excellent question. Which I will answer. But first another question:

    Does anyone remember Avocato calling Mooncake a “planet-destroying super weapon”? That’s a very specific claim, and we all know Avocato isn’t much for colorful language. He doesn’t exaggerate. He says what he means. So if he says Mooncake can destroy planets, that means he knows Mooncake can destroy planets.

    Here’s what I think actually happened.

    That transmission came from a ship that had Mooncake. I think that ship was part of a fleet that was either stationed at or simply close to the planet Kanopus Prime.

    The Lord Commander found out the Infinity Guard fleet had E-351 and attacked them because, as he says,“They had something he wanted.”


    After the ships were destroyed, Mooncake was able to escape. He was most likely scared out of mind and not keen on being captured again. So he attacks the Lord Commander’s fleet. Kanopus Prime got caught in the cross-fires, which is how Avocato knows for a fact that Mooncake can destroy planets:


    And since Mooncake wasn’t necessarily universally known at the time, only among the Lord Commander’s army, it would explain why “no one knows” how Kanopus Prime was destroyed.

    As for why the ship Mooncake  found the transmission on was also destroyed, that was probably just a precaution. The Lord Commander wanted to make sure no other members of the Infinity Guard found out about Mooncake. Until they teamed up that is, but that wasn’t until later.

    Long story short. Avocato didn’t destroy this planet, and he didn’t commit genocide. Mooncake did, though it was most likely not intentional.

    That’s not to say Avocato is blameless, of course. He has still done plenty of bad during his time with the Lord Commander. But I think his name can be cleared of genocide at the very least.

    What does Sheryl expect to happen? Like, does she think John will take her back after spying on him? Or after telling their son, his son that she wishes he was never born. And that’s not mentioning how she abandoned Gary after John died.Or how she continued to treat him like crap after meeting up with him again.

    That woman has such a self-centered view of the world. She could have made up for betraying John by being there for Gary, but she couldn’t even bother. It’s like Gary said, “I would have taken one piece. One tiny piece.” But she couldn’t offer anything.

    So that moment with Clarence, how she told him that “he left himself with nothing” that was an amazing line, because the writing’s on the wall. If, and that’s a big if, John is alive, he will never take her back, and she’ll have abandoned everything for nothing.