I'm 38, live in Missouri and am truly beginning to understand and know myself. I am into just about everything and would love to talk to people. A lot of the things I post, I find on Google, but love them so much.

I love talking to new people, I’ll talk about anything with anyone. No subject is off limits, and I have very few limits. I am, however the submissive type (so, keep that in mind).

I’m very easygoing, and cannot be offended. I’m into men, women, transgender, couples (MM or MF); sexy is sexy, no matter what gender. I love all pornography, I love dirty messages and pictures. Feel free to message me about anything, hopefully you keep it dirty and kinky.

Please, feel free to contact me on Kik also, screen name is S.SKORPIO.

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2020-09-28 11:13:43