@mybois2 You invited yourself over thinking I could change you. I told you it wasn’t anything I was doing, but let you come in to hang anyway. Turns out you were fun to talk to, if not a little nervous, and we had a lot in common- beyond just the affinity for muscle. But you insisted you wanted to change. So I told you I found a new track online that you might like. As you started to listen the music it did it’s work. Any trace of fat melted off you as the beat pulsed through your veins and your muscles toned and pulsed larger. The loud reverb even shook your clothes, your shirt shimmering into nonexistance and your jeans slowly sliding shorter and shorter up your toning legs. For a second you had a panicked look in your eyes. Maybe it was a little regret as you felt the music pound in your head, rewriting your personality, emptying it of any knowledge or intellect you ever had. But the bulge in those shrinking shorts was already throbbing larger with each pulse of the bass bass and the need was taking over as you’re eyes glazed over with lust. Too bad, I kinda liked hanging with who you were, not just the dumb cocky jock you’re about to become. But the music’s not even done yet. There’s a whole album to listen to and a whole lot more muscle if you want it. And of course now all you want is more. Maybe I’ll unplug the headphones and let it play on the speaker so we can listen together.