And they said you can’t feel images


He kept eyeing the guy across the room. They entered the gym at the same time but he could have sworn the guy was skinny at the time. He was originally at the treadmills like him but now he was over at dumbbell rack cranking out curls with heavier and heavier weights. At some point the guy had taken off his shirt, revealing a well developed chest, hard abs, and thick wide shoulders. He was too distracted by the new gym jock and wondering how big, cocky, and hot that guy had become to notice that at some point he had lost his shirt too and was becoming just as big and thick as him. He longingly watched the dude smirk and grunt at his reflection like a true bro, wishing he could be just as dumb and hot as him. Just like that his head went empty and clear. It all seemed so easy now. The need to lift, fuck, and flex. Adjusting his suddenly uncomfortably large bulge a dumb cocky grin spread over his face. The dude across the gym was now overtly checking him out too, adjusting his own massive bulge. They were the hottest, biggest, dumbest bros in the gym and he couldn’t wait for the showers.