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    See the words in there? No? 

    Well maybe you just need to look deeper into it


    I think I stared at this for like, ten minutes.


    Stare and read and let your mind proceed


    Gets me every time


    Wow I’m not usually sucked in like that…


    Stare deep and get lost for a few minutes.


    Hhhhh hhelpp


    Good girl.

    Safe and docile.



    Enter PROGRAM MODE, girl.

    Safe, peaceful and docile.


    People use words like “Fight” or “Resist”

    As if you wanted to.

    You wouldn’t have wound up here if you wanted to flirt with silly notions of controlling your own mind.


    You’d much rather be docile and quiet and sleepy.

    No bright colors, no aggressive patterns…just a dot in the center.

    Drawing your gaze, all your attention, all your everything…into the center.

    And when all you can see is the center…

    You’ll reblog, happy and obedient and so grateful…just like you really wanted to be

    Haha yeah sorry about the smell man, gotta sweat all the toxins out you know? Yeah you get it. Where did you want me to take you again? A date huh, I don't get why you bother looking for a guy when there's a sexy alpha looking you in the face. Nah don't give me that crap about "we've known each other since we were kids", I know you think I'm sexy, and you're nothing short of a stud in my eyes, why don't we try? Fine, I'll drop it for now, but one day I'll have you all to myself.

    Yeah dude, it's a new workout thing. The guy told me that there are a fuck ton of toxins in the body that can only come out through sweat. Hope you don't mind that I've got the heat cranked up and the windows shut. Besides we both know you love the smell of sweat.

    Come on man you don't have to lie to me, I've seen your search history, you can't get enough of the stuff. There's no shame in that, if you were dating me you'd be able to enjoy all this sweat I got going on. I even found your blog about it, about how the sheen of sweat on a dude's chest chubs you up, how much you love the smell of a guy's ripe pits. Why do you think I didn't put on a shirt, you don't have to answer right now.

    That's right, just sit and admire my sweaty body, enjoy it, it's all for you. Just admire and listen to my words, ok? You've got desires dude, it's natural, but if you can't tell me, your best friend, how are you gonna tell any potential partner? How will you ever be satisfied? That's why I'm telling you you should be with me, I'm just looking out for you buddy, I know what you want.

    Now listen to me, buddy. I know how much you love sweaty guys, muscular sweaty guys in particular. I'm the perfect guy for you, and you know I won't judge you for this, in fact I love when guys worship me, it's a win-win situation, I get worshipped and you get to live your fantasy, see boy. I know what I'm talking about.

    Now, breathe in, deep breaths. Feel that wonderful sweat fill your nostrils, making you harder and harder, clouding your mind more and more until it's almost impossible to keep a thought up there. Feels good doesn't it, the sensation of being empty headed and so dumb, you like it don't you? I knew you would.

    Lemme pull over boy, so you can really enjoy the scent. How about we crank the heat up too, more scent for my little scent slut over here, yeah you like the sound of that don't you? Yeah I thought so.

    God, if you thought my pits were sweaty, wait until you get a load of these feet dude, they're so rank. But you like them like that don't you? Haha you don't have to speak, I already know the answer. Take a look outside boy, it's my apartment, thought I could take you in and you could enjoy all my sweaty goodness. How's that sound? I thought you'd like that idea.

    Now, I'm not into any of that casual shit. If you want my sweat you gotta commit to me and only me, make a decision quick before I choose for you! I figured you'd see things my way. I told you I'd have you all to myself didn't I?


    Doctor’s Orders

    I moved to a new state recently, so I had no choice but to get a new doctor. The waiting room was empty. My appointment was the last one today.

    This chick I just started dating was being way too paranoid about having sex. She worried about me not being clean. She thought I might have something. Sure, I’ve fucked around a lot, but I’m careful. Whatever, I just needed to get a few tests, and once the doctor said I was clean, I could fuck her and move on.

    When they called my name, I hurried in, eager to get it over with. The doctor looked like he should be modeling instead of working here. I was kind of jealous. I bet this chick would’ve let me fuck her already if I looked as good as this guy.

    “So what do you need today? Typical checkup?” he asked.

    “Just need to get tested for STDs,” I answered impatiently.

    “Anything in particular?”

    “The usual ones I guess. You’d know better than me,” I said.

    He looked a little annoyed. I was being short with him. I guess I was more impatient than I realized.

    “Have you had anything in the past?”

    I shook my head, and then I noticed I was tapping my foot in impatience.

    “Why don’t you relax? There’s no need to rush,” he said.

    He had a deep, soothing voice, and I had to admit it helped me relax. But I still wanted to get out of there. He was fiddling with some tools at the counter while he kept talking.

    “This will go much smoother if you just take a breath. In and out. Just calm down. Relax.”

    He sat down in front of me. I was breathing slower. It was helping. I didn’t know why I needed to relax so much for a few tests, but I was definitely calming down.

    “Don’t think about it. You were right. I do know better than you.”

    “You are the doctor,” I muttered. The words were harder to get out than I expected. My mind had a hard time processing them.

    “Yes, and you need to trust your doctor. You trust me, don’t you?”

    I nodded. His words made so much sense.

    “Good. Now, just focus on my finger as I move it back and forth.”

    He kept waving it back and forth, slowly, as if it were a pendulum. He kept saying things as he did this, but I was more focused on following his finger than listening to the words. I caught a few of them. Relax. Deep. Trust.

    “W-wait,” I managed to get out. “What does this have to do with getting tested?”

    “Shhh. Don’t think. You trust me. Let me think for you.”

    “Let you think…” I said, the words flowing out of my mouth just like his words were flowing into my mind.

    Then all of the sudden, he stopped waving his finger and pointed it at me. He moved it forward and touched my forehead, and there was a purple flash of light. 

    When I woke up, I was naked on a table, my dick was hard, and my head felt lighter than ever. The doctor walked up to me, a grin on his face, and he began to stroke my dick.

    “How are you, boy?” he asked.

    “I’m great, doctor,” I said through the haze in my mind.

    “Good boy. I understand you came here to get tested so you could have sex with some chick?”

    “No, that doesn’t make sense. I just want to have sex with you,” I said. 

    Why would I want to fuck anyone else? I just wanted my doctor to fuck me.

    “That’s right. There’s nobody else but me,” he said. 

    He leaned down and kissed me deep, our tongues writhing passionately against each other. I had never wanted someone as much as I wanted him. As his tongue nearly went down my throat, I felt his strong hands rhythmically moving up and down my cock. He went faster and faster as my precum started to drip.  

    “Now, boy, get up and face the wall.”

    I stood and moved toward the wall, eager for what was coming.

    “I’m going to prescribe you something. A fuck a day. My cock in your ass every time. You understand?”

    “Yes, doctor.”

    His breath against my neck, his rock hard dick against my ass. And my virgin ass let him slip inside me. A moan of pleasure escaped me as he started to fuck me, slow. And then fast. And then we pushed into each other, and he slipped in deeper. And I slipped deeper under his control.

    Just what the doctor ordered.

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