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    why do i end up sitting straight up in my sleep. ignore how many blankets I use.


    Bestie it is impossible to ignore the amount of blankets you use at first I assumed this was a meme and those were the layers of the crust of the earth


    I actually have 4 more blankets I sometimes add but I didn't want to make my blanket number look excessive


    The results are inconclusive on that.

    I hear people talk about how punk clothing is expensive, how you don’t have enough money to buy docs so obv you aren’t a real punk, how you can’t buy pins anywhere, how punk jewelry is sooo expensive BULLSHIT

    The backbone of punk is diy. Punk is messy, punk is making the best of what you have. Nothing is more punk than making your own beauty with the shit you find scattered about

  • Wanna have docs? Buy some knock offs for 20 bucks and add some spikes no one will care
  • Want patches? Embroider on some old fabric. Use paint, bleach, markers, whatever you have. If that’s not good enough, buy from small businesses when you can
  • Want pins? Make em. Use safety pins and a bottle cap and you got a pin. Just paint something on, if you don’t have paint, I’ve used white out and pens just do whatever. Also fr just um borrow from any big shitty chain store, not from small businesses tho
  • Want jewelry? Pliers are your best friend. Fix broken jewelry with em, use chains u found to make something. I’ve used a hanging plant wire to make a barbed wire bracelet with nothing but pliers. Just fuck around. Buy from small businesses and again, big shitty chains are fair game
  • Want spikes and cool metal shit? Literally just take any metal like literally anything and stick it to your clothes. Safety pins, can tabs (esp monster ones bc fun colors) lighter caps, make spikes out of cans, take chains outta the recycle bin
  • Punk is the most accessible subculture. Punk was made by people with no money, and anyone who tells you you need fancy shit to be punk ain’t a real punk. Punk is about fucking around with the idea of what you should be, so just have fun! There are literally no rules!




    “It cannot be that some few benefit economically while polluting the drinking water for millions of others, and causing serious health problems,” says Dr Jane Muncke, managing director of the Food Packing Foundation in Zurich who wasn’t involved in the study.

    “The vast amounts that it will cost to reduce PFAS in drinking water to levels that are safe, based on current scientific understanding, need to be paid by the industry producing and using these toxic chemicals.”


    No no no y’all don’t understand I just watched this dude’s video series on YouTube where he literally spent several months GATHERING BEHIND THE SCENES FOOTAGE OF HIM JOINING AND THEN GETTING KICKED OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY. THIS DUDE WAS A PART OF SEA ORG

    He literally went in with spy cam glasses and was recording audio on his phone. He went through hours and hours of quite literally brainwashing (a lot of which was recorded), to the point where he was so confused about an actual memory of him breaking his collarbone and going to the hospital that he had to get a buddy who was there to recount it to him after. He was invited to a party with some of the most powerful people in Scientology and got to see the leader of Scientology speak. They encouraged him to steal to get the money to buy their crap, it’s INSANE


    You’re going to say all that but not give a link???


    Here’s the link to the whole series!!