She knew that every time her single self walked into a room, belly arriving first, everyone started imaging how she got that way.

    Once, as she sat just outside of a confessional, she overheard one of the men describing how he wanted to be the next one to take her for a drive out to where there was no cell service, and threaten to leave her there unless she let him try to knock her up next.

    Ugh I came so close…

    I went out with friends last night and we all drank too much and started flirting with each other. Three guys, another girl, and me.

    We got more and more x rated and I actually did at one point say I’d let all the guys cum in me raw if my (female) friend ‘forced’ me to do it, and everyone was like, 'haha that’s kinda hot’

    It didn’t go anywhere, which isn’t that surprising I guess, we were just all drunk and blowing off steam, but I’m still annoyed about it. I was serious damn it! lol

    Too bad there doesn’t seem to be a causal yet genuine way to tell your friends to breed you :p


    If you call pedophilia a kink please unfollow me and never talk to me again


    Isn’t it disgusting that 23 people just unfollowed me


    Unfollow me too


    this goes double if you call paedophilia a disability. unfollow me twice


    and if you call pedophilia an “orientation” or in any way compare it to being LGBP+ you can unfollow, delete your blog, and set yourself on fire. 


    I just lost 50 followers.. bye


    clearing out the trash






    I’ve seen this circulating forever and genuinely thought “no way do I have any of them following me” until this week when it turned out I had all these fuckin “MAP” (pedophile) followers sad to find out I’m an “anti” (normal person) Please leave and also please get guinea worm.


    I really hope no one that follows me is like this but for real, if you are, please unfollow.


    In case you didn’t get the message, if you’re into kids unfollow me; if you’re not into kids, reblog this!!!


    Buh bye, no thanks


    Csa survivor with zero time, patience, or tolerance for pedos/MAPs/apologists/whateverthefuck you sick fucks are calling yourselves.


    I should hope I don’t have any following me, but yeah, pedos can go burn


    And don't send me messages about how you want to knock up your teenage daughter. I don't care which state you're in or what the age of consent is - if she's under 18 or you helped create her, there's the door.

    I can’t believe I was so stupid. I never should have let that guy at the party fuck me bare just because he promised to pull out. He said that it was an accident when he came in me, and gave me a pill he said was plan b. I think it’s safe to say at this point that it wasn’t. 

    I used to be a hot party girl. Now look at me. I’m fucking massive. My body has exploded into this heavy, matronly one and I know I’ll never get back my perfect body. My hips have flared, my belly has angry red stretch marks, and my tits have bloated up 5 cup sizes. I can’t even drink to take my mind off how I’ve turned into a huge pregnant cow!  


    Two years ago I went to a party with my brother. It was all guys (7 excluding my brother) and I had a really good time. My brother got a call from his girlfriend so he left to go to her and I stayed. I drank a little too much so I passed out. Didn't know that it could feel so good waking up while being filled by 4 men at the same time. It went on for quite a while and none of them wore condoms and I wasn't on birth control. I still don't know who the father of my beautiful daughter is. I really want that again because I loved being raped and pregnant like that

    Thank you for sharing. I'm pretty sure that in a year or so, there are going to be a lot of parties, and a lot of very horny people at them. Just make sure you're not on birth control when it happens. ;)

    A female friend (and occasional fuck buddy) is thinking about starting an audio Only Fans where she records herself cumming (she's pretty vocal, and has a filthy imagination). She said she'd be up for reading my posts or making recordings where she begs not to be filled.

    Think there'd be any interest?


    I want to be told things. That its going to be gentle. That a condom is going to be used. That if i tell him to stop, ill stop. Instead he does the exact opposite to everything, using my trans pussy for whatever he wants.

    I could tell you those things. I've said them before...