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    Namor. Falcon. Clay Fine. Jon Dazy. Hercules. B’Wana Beast. Colossus. Northstar. Devilhound. Ganymede. 

    Some of my recent “Shaded Sketches”. Get them all, uncensored on my Patreon Page. Come say “Hi”!! :D 

    Illustrations by Patrick Fillion. 

    Amazing list of illustrators!  Read on in the expansion below.  You won’t want to miss this!  Follow them all!

    Hey men! It has been an amazing first year for @completelyfineillustrated. I started this blog to highlight well known and emerging gay erotic illustrators. Along the way I found my voice as an erotic writer and have had some amazing partnerships! For the next 30 days, I will be writing on the spot for you!  I’ll be using YOU as inspirations for new art with me! I’ll be wrapping up Episode 5 of Clay Gets Schooled with David Cantero. But…

    If anyone is so inspired to draw me, I’ll write amazing stories to go with those images! Not that I’m begging… but I think I’m begging. He he.

    MOST OF ALL… I would love it if you could reblog this, as I am going to list some of the most amazing artists that I have met, admired and collaborated with along the way. It is a great list for bara and comic lovers! I’m including their tags so that you and your followers can easily follow them as well!

    Thank you to:

    First, One Dollar Billy, who did this artwork.  He is not on tumblr, but is on Deviant Art. He hopped on the Clay Fine bandwagon and helped me evolve.

    @davidcantero What can I say! My biggest collaborator and the most amazingly talented, loving and creative souls I know! We shared wine in Barcelona and connected in so many ways. Follow him and his art here and at Class Comics!

    @artofpatrickfillion, @patrickfillion This man is responsible for my obsession with gay erotic illustration. Thank you for encouraging me to do this.  Here’s to more collaboration and exploration in hot as fuck gay comics and stories! Love to Fraser, too!

    READ ON and follow the artists who have blown me away, made me so horny and keep me pumped to do this blog.  I’ll be featuring them a lot this month:

    @zanenox sultry and sexy

    @headingsouthart you rub me the right way

    @2lubkhland your details are amazing and your men are hot as fuck

    @daydreamerjim i get lost in fantasy every time I see your art

    @nsfwbetitngoan hot bara madness

    @mocucumo i live for how you bring muscle and hotness

    @maxkennedy24 so much love in your fab gay art

    @hlrnsfw tasty treats always

    @ibastianwolf always exploring hotness

    @grelxbayart instant hardons

    @silverchronos delicious men

    @suyo-kun i get lost on your page every time

    @craygallery always edgy and hot

    @datingdick I want to jump into your scenes

    @fuhrerdoodles so much time and care goes into what you do

    @hfg-world men of my dreams, mon ami!

    @mylkichoco your men are massive and delicious

    @penn92evans you beast! love the sexy and the humor!

    @xhromer beefy goodness

    @redgart cum drenched and fantastic

    @helbram00 meaty and tasty every time

    @jasdavi the joy and madness of gay sex

    @rumlockerart can’t stop drooling

    @byronpowerart so hot! you inspire me- thanks for everything

    @bludwingart sexual positions like no one else

    @davidcorsaire 3-D boner popping

    @uuuchuuu shading and masculinity to die for

    @luxurizdude the devil’s in those details

    @reeddune you got me started on all this mess

    @yuuya181 please draw me- you really nail those group scenes

    @arkapami fantasy and fab sex madness

    @gasaiv i love everything you do and every single version of what you do

    @icysage massive masculine mayhem

    @arielxyart cock for days

    @admanart beefy, meaty and delicious

    @igobytwo just marry me now- so sexy

    @yy6244 dopq so hot so real so sexy

    @schizoid-art fuckin’ crazy good- draw me, I beg you!

    @rebelflet so moody and so hot

    @houseofjbg I love all of it… ALL of it!

    @theartofhakujin real men real sexy

    @theartofchoken I get lost in the fantasy

    @obieblu love that 3D

    @8x8-after-dark what can I possibly do to get your attention!  So sexy!

    @machojuice the name says it all

    @kauzerbara the action is incredible

    @bearskinofficial the sexy reality of it all

    @hydaria hotness and variety

    @guidofiatoart born naked is amazing!

    @licorneart so fucking sultry- you nail bodies and faces

    @toastwire thank you for sharing the hotness of Singapore

    @movd gruff and tough

    @genelightfootart muscles and movement

    @cabaretbara amazing proportions

    @blueglueclue fun and fantasy

    @bara-panha beefy and yummy

    @jondessins massive and male

    @esziedraws those dicks! wow!

    @onionworkshop i can’t get enough

    @mentaiko-ittorasii more more more!

    @seito-dojo love the saturation and the lines and the men

    @ohha-rak bold and beefy

    @arbun fucking crazy hot

    @ruisselait so much hot variety!

    @jyagger love the men, love the movement

    @studsketch hotness and amazing color

    @crowxxxxxxxxxx bad ass bara

    @ukoru those pecs! damn!

    @art-of-clx black and white awesomeness

    @baddognobiscuit the shading the details the asses!

    @zhadoiz love those torsos

    @sakuramarusan let me be a part of those scenes

    @alifranco truly original, beautifully painted and SO HOT

    @tizitodesign so much to love

    @ssammaker can I commission you forever?

    @dozdudz muscle madness

    @rustyclawshot so sexy and love the color

    @daddysbois i’m right there with ya

    @dandylyonne male beauty

    @brilcrist I fall in love

    @gabo-art those heroes! Wow!

    @humplex beef for days- yummy yummy

    @ed-draws fantastic and sexy

    @jojiart so masculine and sexy

    And thanks to the amazing people I have met who just are cool and fun@novemzanrath, @jakebournexxx, @cjdarksoulcj, @lady-bodacia, @chaoskingamaranth, @arbitrary-stag, @tremereobserver, @gaycomicgeek, @ryanrosexxx, @darkbluehoney, @tributemusclfkr, @provendan, @thejoebigelow, @dnadoublefelix, @thedepravedprince, @2ndbarcode, @allthelonelybois, @spa-boy-golddream, @wnt2bhge, @teddybosh, @dipsykoo, @damlas1 , @bbgangbangonly, @hypnobuddy

    Sorry for anyone I missed! It’s been a great year! Feel free to add other amazing artists as you reblog!

    XO Clay


    The above illustration is by the AMAZING @reeddune! I love all his characters, but I saved this one for the interview because it was the first one I saw from him. I want to get in on this scene!

    I fell in love with his style over a year ago before I even started this blog to focus on awesome gay erotic illustrators and hot stories! I’m so pumped to share this interview today and post our collaboration of illustration and story with me (Clay Fine) and three of his OCs- Nur, Kev and Dan! This is a real thrill for me! 

    I love you @reeddune!

    Q&A with reeddune:

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    Homoween 2018
    The uncensored pre-ectoplasmic piece is on my Patreon, if you’re a follower over there 😂👻
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