it's only a question of time. enjoy yourself while you are here, preserve any memories you wish to keep, & share often. Any unkindness will get you blocked. If she is pawg, whooty, redhead, she belongs here on this blog. All images shared on this blog belonged to the internet before it was shared here. If you are an original content poster, understand YOU made the decision to make public your private photos, knowing full well you relinquished any control over them 📷 the second YOU CHOSE to post them, so don't play the naive victim role. 100% truth and honesty, for those who still need to hear it. Think twice before you hit "send" if you don't want your content floating all over the internet. I, for one, understand this and am perfectly happy having my original content "shared" or "stolen" and so seeing my original 📷 content on a complete stranger's blog, halfway around the globe, is a turn on to me, not an offence. Don't play the victim, you CHOSE to share pics of yourself or your wife with the world, you no longer get to control them. That is hypocrisy & naivety at is purest. So, IF you CHOOSE to share private material, then relinquish control & enjoy the show of admiration, that is ultimately WHY you chose to share it, afterall...for the adulation.

Last update
2020-08-09 18:23:55

    Our 4th Tumblr blog, our previous "heavenlyhotwifetx" "pawgwhootyhotwife" and "pawgwhootyredhead" were all shut down.

    Please share this & keep Tumblr NSFW!

    To upload NSFW, (from Android) upload your "naughty" pic, then reblog it (even if its flagged). Then go back and delete original "naughty" pic, by long pressing & dragging it down to trash can, then upload a "safe" pic and submit...wait for it to upload then click "appeal" & refresh the page. The original post should now show the safe pic, tricking the censors into "accepting appeal" (leave it alone now). Your initial reblog will still show the "naughty" pic, this is what you reblog.

    Now share this every time you can & spread the word & the love ❤

    FUCK CENSORSHIP. #pawgwhootyredhead2