The Panthress's Den

  Come enjoy the sensual tease of my perfect little size 5's. Marvel at my buttery soft soles or my adorable little toes as I tease and tantalize you with them. Drool as I dangle my shoes in your face or taunt you with foot jewelry. The more submissive among you may enjoy the thought of aching while I pose with your chastity key. The possibilities are endless... how about your desires? Let me stoke that fire ever higher - just make sure you don't get burned - it can get pretty hot around here. Now accepting new pay piggies, wallet slaves and donors. Message me for details. I'm always looking for suggestions, photoset ideas and more! Visit my image store, Miss Panthress's Paws, at http://www.images4sale.com/157089 for full sets. These are just the previews! Look forward to seeing you there! You can also find me on Twitter as @MPanthress.

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2022-01-24 22:51:43

    “School Bully’s Boots”

    You’re nothing but a boot-licking little bitch, aren’t you? You take one look at a girl in boots and all you want is to drop to your knees like the slave you are? Don’t even try to deny it, I’ve seen the way you stare at me when I wear my boots. Start licking my boots, right now! Get your tongue on the sole. I know they probably don’t really need a spit-shine right now, but that doesn’t matter. I want you down there, giving your tongue a good workout. If you do a good job, I won’t crush you under my boots like the pathetic worm you are. 

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    “Spoils of War”

    While prowling, I may have met my match. Your Panthress finds herself taken hostage - at the mercy of a warrior who has taken me prisoner. Bound hand and foot, I can do nothing but wait to see how this warrior will claim his conquest. What torments await me as I twist and struggle in my bindings, unable to do anything but await my fate.

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    “Colorful Cutie”

    These colorful leggings are so comfy and cute I just had to do a set wearing them. A huge shout out to the fan who bought them for me and introduced me to the wonders of stirrup leggings. I just love the way these feel - they’re so soft and smooth against my skin and they outline my heels and feet so perfectly. They also have the added benefit of making my ass look really good and they’re in an eye-catching color too. Go ahead and stare - I don’t mind. And when you’re done drooling over my legs and ass, you can come give me a foot massage. I wore these kitten heels all day and my feet need some love and attention.

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    “International Male Chastity Day”

    For those who know, January 14 is international Male Chastity Day. A day for every submissive male to be locked away in service to his woman, spoiling her in any way she desires. Now, I live this every day since I keep my husband locked, but I figured I’d give you a little treat. This is actually a whopping big set in two parts - called “The Tease” and “The Denial”. 

    The first part of the set delights you with my tight leather bodysuit, leggings and some cute black heels while I show off your chastity key and use my riding crop to show you exactly where I want your mouth. I know you’d be throbbing and leaking through the cage as I smother you with my tiny size fives, but that’s what we want. To stoke that fire. To increase your desire. 

    Part two, though, is far too spicy for Tumblr. It starts with me teasing my husband’s caged cock, tickling it through his underwear with my cute little toes, before escalating into me stripping down fully nude to tease him. I torment him with not just my delicate toes and soft, buttery soles but also with my hands, nails and the riding crop. I tease his cage with the key, but it’s not the one for his lock. And just when I tell him it’s time to use the security screw on his cage, it’s cruelly ripped away when I reveal I meant “use” as in “tighten”. 

    You can buy the sets separately or together at a discount. The first half is just me, but doesn’t have nudity. The second half involves him and yes, I’m fully nude. The parts are 15$ each or 25$ for both (giving you a 5$ discount). Happy Male Chastity Day. And ladies, trust me - you want to participate in any day like this. The rewards are delicious. 

    (Message me to buy the 100 or 110 picture sets until I get my site up and running. Both together are 210 pictures!)

    “Luscious Leopardess”

    Your Panthress’s paws are tired. It’s been a long day of prowling around, looking for new conquests to add to my anklet. New victims who drool after my perfect feet and follow me down the road to submission. New prey to seduce with my feminine wiles and my gorgeous legs and feet. But all that is behind me... for now. Now it’s time to come home and peel off these flats and let someone pamper these poor paws... are you up to the task? Or will you wind up just another key on my anklet?

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    “Skin Tight Fantasy”

    Everyone has that fantasy about skin-tight outfits, from the tight lycra sportswear at the gym to the form-fitting leather of a dominatrix. It’s something almost primal - something coded into your horny little brain back during adolescence. A fantasy that you never quite grow out of... as evidenced by the drool trickling out of your mouth. It’s okay - you can stare. Watch me strut around in front of you in these shiny leather leggings. And the more you drool and stare, the deeper you’ll fall into your own fantasies of skin-tight clothing... and the more I’ll own you.

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    “Lovely Leopard”

    You enjoy watching me prowl around in these boots, on the hunt for my next victim, don’t you? Perhaps it could be you, caught unawares - too busy drooling over my long legs in these sexy boots to be aware of the danger you’re in? Too busy staring at my ass to realize that the trap is drawing closer and closer around you? You can try to run, but you just haven’t realized it yet - you’re already mine. I’ve made you my prey... there is no escape.

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    “Stirrup Leggings and Boots”

    After being on my feet all day at work kicking ass, the last thing I want is to have to come home and kick yours. So why don’t you get on your knees and pull my boots off like a good bitch - I definitely need a massage and after that I’m going to shove all of my toes in your mouth and make you suck them like the footslave you are. I know how much you drool over my boots--how badass they make me look--so you’re going to spend some time tending to them as well. I think I’ll make you lick them before getting to my feet - after all, a slave like you has to earn your rewards.

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    “Dark Domina”

    How does it feel, kneeling at the feet of a dominant woman who can control you with just her feet? To know that I can get inside your head, reading your fantasies and desires only to weaponize them against you? To tease you to the brink of insanity just to cruelly laugh at you? It’s okay - you can be honest. Admit that you love every second of it. You crave every bit of my domination. Of my ability to exploit you and drag you down into the deepest pits of your own desire. Get on your knees, slave - it’s time to submit!

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    “Tickling Your Fancy”

    I have being tickled... but I know it delights all of you. So after posing and teasing in my cute little heels, I find myself once again bound and at the mercy of someone more than willing to inflict ticklish torment on my soft, sensitive size 5′s. Helplessly tied in pink rope and forced to kneel on the bed, I don’t even have the luxury of getting to see what’s about to happen to my soles. And let me tell you, the tickling was absolutely torturous and evil! There’s even a video to prove it!

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