I have this idea for a quirk. What if someone had something called “Restart”. They can change 1 event in a persons life time, but only once. Every person in the word, with this quirk user, could change 1 event in their life time and that’s it. Once it’s done, it’s done and they can’t change anything else in their life. The down side is that the quirk user looses a year of their own life to change that of another’s. Making their life expectancy shorter and shorter.

    It follows the rules of “A life for a life” and it makes an OP ability restricted and dangerous. On top of that, they arn’t a hero at all. They run a flower shop.

    Thought it was a cute idea. It has nothing to do with their quirk and they arn’t trying to be a hero

    (This is my idea for a future OC)

    (I tend to have many)

    i made one

    For those that need to hear it:

    It’s only manipulation when it’s intentional/premeditated. Otherwise it’s just your words having an influence on someone, i.e. The Concept Of Human Interaction.

    Sometimes that influence is good, sometimes bad. But never malicious.

    Being conscious of whether your words have a positive or negative impact is a noble endeavor, but you’ll never be a piece of shit unless you’re trying to.

    Oh thank god

    You have no idea how happy this made me