A New Approach

While we’ve stayed strong as a couple, we haven’t been able to give this blog the attention it deserves, and it has suffered because of that. (Even more embarrassingly, we’ve forgotten the password, and as devices are updated/replaced, we have a more limited number of ways to access this blog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

We share a lot of the same kinks, but also have varying turn ons when it comes to scenes, writing, images, etc.

Instead of slowly forgetting Tumblr, we’ve decided to create our own separate accounts, and hope you’ll follow us there.

Daddy/Sir will be blogging from @tywinunderwood (he’s such a nerd) where he’ll explore his loves of dominance, and kinks ranging from power exchange to consensual role play about interrogations, imprisonment, medical, and slavery.

Pet/Little One will be blogging from @coenbrosporncompany where she’ll link to some literotica that she works on as well as beautiful, sexual imagery she enjoys.

We appreciate all our followers and those that we’ve interacted with over all this time, and we hope you follow us to our new blogs and appreciate your patience as we get them up and running!