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    Hail Satán, my Lord


    It’s obvious, decided, irrevocable, I love you SATAN, my LORD and GOD  Keep me forever in your power, Satan, to you I belong


    My Lord, my God, Source of my Lust.


    Hail Satan!!




    hi, i really like your blog. Could you tell me where i can find the ten commandments, please ? Thanks very much.

    Prior to Tumblr’s Massive Revision last year… this blog was well indexed… now, it is just one long string. However, here are the 10 Commandments you seek:


    So you think you’re a subhuman?

    If you have limits, things that must happen in order to play, or have any expectations of having a warm or friendly relationship with your dom, then you are a BDSM sub and NOT a subhuman. BDSM is based on the idea that the power exchange is safe, sane, and consensual…that limits are discussed and each scene is negotiated before it happens. It’s based on a mutuality that does not exist in a relationship between a master and a subhuman. If you are a true subhuman, then BDSM rules do not apply to you.  

    BDSM is “Let’s pretend.” This is the real thing.

    Commandment # 1. You have no rights.

    When you offer yourself to your master, you relinquish all rights you have to what he does to you. He can do anything he pleases: hit you, torture your cock and balls, burn you with cigarettes, cut you, leave you chained for an indefinite time period, force you to publicly humiliate yourself. Your “limits” are the limits of his imagination.

    Commandment # 2. You are property.

    Your master owns you. Everything you do in life is now secondary to your service to him, and will only be allowed to be pursued if he allows it. Your “he” pronoun will be replaced with “it.” You will refer to yourself as “it” instead of “I.” Forget he has a name…to you, he will always be “Sir” or “Master.”

    Commandment # 3. He WILL hurt you.

    A sadist enjoys inflicting pain. Your job is to take whatever pain he plans to dish out. He may also allow others to enjoy inflicting pain upon you as well… His pleasure is seeking out your suffering, you will be in extreme pain often. His limits are your limits.

    Commandment # 4. You WILL eat disgusting things.

    Think of shit, piss, cigarette butts, food waste, and garbage as things you will be consuming as food and drink. If he’s really sadistic, add dog food to that menu as well. Not only will you eat those things, you will thank him every time he feeds them to you.

    Commandment # 5. He is NOT your friend or your lover.

    Your master is not there to be kind to you, to consider your feelings and desires, or to treat you like an equal. This isn’t a BDSM scene that ends with a nice aftercare session, where he treats your marks and bruises before wining and dining you. When he’s done beating you, you go back into bondage wherever he has you stored when you are not in use. Forget having any feelings for him. They will not be returned. He will love and fuck anyone he wants, but it will not be you. The only thing you may get to experience from that is being fed the used condom when he’s done.

    Commandment # 6. If he’s straight, you will NOT have access to his cock.

    Forget being used as a dick sucking machine. If he’s straight, he’s straight. He will torture your cock, but will not suck it. He will torture your ass, but will not fuck it. He will make you wear a device that will torture your dick as soon as it gets hard, just so that you don’t get the idea that he has any interest in pleasing you sexually.

    Commandment # 7. If he’s gay or bi, you are simply a masturbation device.

    You will only suck his cock or be fucked by him when he can’t get it or doesn’t want it from a better source. With you, he knows he does not have to practice safe sex or wear a condom. He also knows he can just fuck you and then chain you back up when he’s done. He can also use you as a party favor for his friends, who also know they don’t have to wear condoms when they fuck you. As a subhuman, you accept any load you are given, poz or neg. Asking about status will get you severely punished.

    Commandment # 8. There is no such thing as rape.

    All sex done to you by your Master or your Master’s friends is inherently consensual. Those who use you also know they don’t have to wear condoms when they fuck you. As a subhuman, you WILL accept any load you are given, poz or neg. Asking about status will get you severely punished. As a subhuman, you have no right to refuse.

    Commandment # 9. Life will get dull and boring most of the time.

    When you’re not in use, you are stored in what will likely be a hot, cold, smelly, untidy, and filthy place. This is where you will stay the majority of the time. You will have no books to read, no laptops, no television, no phones, nothing that isn’t specifically authorized by your Master. You will stare at walls for any hours you are not sleeping. And when it’s time to be used, it won’t matter whether you’re sleeping or not. Because as a subhuman, your comfort does not matter.

    Commandment # 10. A subhuman is at peace with its reality.

    Unlike a BDSM sub, who goes back to a normal life once the scene is over, you know that your place is below that of humans. Nevertheless, you have a useful function in society. Violent men hurt you so that they don’t hurt people. Rapists rape you so that they don’t rape women. You help a person to show his best face to others because his worst face is reserved for you. Your servile and subhuman existence nurses the sadistic needs of a person to feel superior to something. The function that you serve is one no person ever wants to. But a true subhuman is at peace knowing that it has purpose and lays down and takes the beatings and the abuse gracefully.

    Be careful what you ask for… you just might find it.

    Eventually, it WILL happen. When it does IT will regret everything IT ever said and did to make it possible… but, also know that the situation is absolutely irrevocable and NO WAY OUT.