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    Awkward encounters

    Several months ago the Dungeon Club received authorization to take local girls to stock the dungeon. No provision was made to exchange inmates with a distant locality.  This created the likelihood of "awkward" situations when a Club member visiting the dungeon encounters a naked, chained woman that he has previously known socially, possibly gone to school with or even dated.  To evaluate the matter, the management sought the reactions of members who had found themselves in this situation.

    Member A: "I was startled to see Cynthia in the lineup. She recognized me and I was very uncomfortable... I broke eye contact and chose another girl."

    Member B:  "Yesterday for the first time I saw a girl I knew in the dungeon.  She was strapped to a tilted X-frame, apparently in preparation for a torture session.  She saw me and called, like, 'John, Help me! Get me out of this place!'.  I told her there was really nothing I could do.  She has a nice body.  I'm thinking of scheduling a sex session with her."  

    Member C:  "A couple of weeks ago a girl was brought in that I had dated a little while in college.  Right away I signed up for a long rape and torture session with her.  I had the crew tie her with her back to a post, hands over head, with clothes on, so I could force-strip her, like she used to resist.  So I ripped open her blouse, cut off her bra, and mashed and slapped her boobs. Then I cut her panties and fingered and pinched her vagina and clit. After fucking her, I went to work on her with my whip, like I do with all the other dungeon-girls, but it was twice as much fun exploiting and degrading a girl I already knew!"

    Member D:  "This is a great opportunity!  There's a girl in town I want and I'm trying to get authorization for her abduction.  I'd really love to work on her for a few days of rape and sex-torture sessions."

    Member E:  "I see some problems, because we release every girl eventually.  If she is foreign, we just send her back where she came from.  But if she goes back to our neighborhoods, she is going to socially encounter members who used her.  I know the sex-conscription law forbids her from disclosing anything about what was done to her.  But really, how do you interact?"


    I know u understand now why u r here . U r a sexual toy for my desires. I’m the master of ur body now i can do anything i want and u can’t stop me

    And if u think I’m just gonna rape u or use some toys on ur pussy u r dreaming bab . I’m just playing a little before i start

    The only pleasure u’ll getis a multiple forced tensed orgasms drains ur body and ur strength

    Now u go to sleep (if u can) .. I’ll keep u till I come back ……


    Gnade für Sklavin Katja?

    Es ist so kalt im Kettenkerker. Die junge Sklavin muss noch 27 Monate Kettenhaft absitzen. Wir überlegen, ihr einen warmen Pullover zuzugestehen. 


    Sollen wir der Stinkerin nur damit winken, oder darf sie ihn überziehen?

    Ich habe Angst, dass er am Ende der Kettenhaft schmutzig ist und erbärmlich stinkt.

    Aber das frierende Mädchen bettelt sooo sehr um etwas Warmes.


    Was meinst Du?

    from“Tender little sphincters”

    (I get to see Kel in a couple days! Excited because she moved to another city and I don’t get to see her often, and we’ve got a playdate coming up *really* soon.)

    Also, have a great little moment I ran across while editing. This camera at this particular time didn’t make it into the final version, but I took a screen grab of the frame just because it was so piteous looking: